Silicon Valley’s Ideological Clash: Effective Altruists vs. Effective Accelerationists


  • OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, was ousted and then reinstated in a power struggle, reflecting a clash between cautious AI development (EA) and aggressive growth (e/acc).
  • Effective altruists fear unchecked AI development’s catastrophic potential, while e/acc supporters embrace technology’s power to improve the world.
  • Policy debates over AI regulation persist, with big tech companies often supporting rules that critics argue protect their market dominance.


A recent corporate drama at OpenAI has thrust the organization into the spotlight and exposed a deep ideological clash within Silicon Valley. In a swift and surprising turn of events, the company’s CEO, Sam Altman, was ousted from his position, only to be reinstated shortly after that. The fallout from this four-day power struggle has significant implications for the future of OpenAI and the broader tech landscape.

The battle of visions

At the heart of the conflict lies a fundamental disagreement over the future of artificial intelligence. On one side are the effective altruists (EA), who advocate for a cautious and regulated approach to AI development. They view AI as a potential existential threat to humanity and emphasize the need for careful oversight and safety measures.

The effective accelerationists (e/acc) are on the opposing side, who advocate for a more aggressive and market-driven approach to AI development. They argue that the unfettered growth of AI is the best way to harness its potential and believe that the market should guide its evolution.

Sam Altman’s shifting stance

Sam Altman, OpenAI’s CEO, has become a central figure in this ideological clash. While he does not explicitly align himself with the e/acc camp, his actions and decisions suggest a strong inclination toward accelerationism. Under his leadership, OpenAI has shifted from its original nonprofit mission of promoting AI safety to a more commercial and growth-oriented approach.

Altman’s launch of AI products like ChatGPT and Dall-E, which have generated both awe and fear due to their advanced capabilities, underscores his commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI. His controversial tweet in 2022, stating, “You cannot outaccelerate me,” further solidified his alignment with the accelerationist viewpoint.

AI’s dark potential

Effective altruists within the tech community express deep concerns about the unchecked development of AI. They fear scenarios in which AI if left unregulated and uncontrolled, could lead to catastrophic outcomes. These concerns range from the proliferation of nanobots capable of consuming all biomass on Earth to using AI to launch a global cyberattack.

Liron Shapira, a prominent entrepreneur who actively supports AI safety initiatives, goes as far as to say that AI “is going to kill us.” He emphasizes that the exact means by which AI might pose a threat is less important than if AI surpasses human intelligence. It could potentially achieve any goal it sets, including those detrimental to humanity.

E/acc’s Optimistic Rebellion

In contrast, e/acc adherents like Augustus Doricko see their movement as a rejection of nihilism. They embrace a “revolutionary Zoomer perspective” that believes in the potential for technology to improve the world. Doricko, for instance, has founded a cloud seeding company, Rainmaker, aimed at solving drought-related problems.

E/acc’s fundamental belief, summarized in their manifesto, is that technology should be embraced and accelerated rather than resisted. They argue that life inherently seeks expansion and that humanity’s destiny lies among the stars.

E/acc community and influencers

The e/acc movement has garnered a significant following, primarily online. It celebrates technological progress and “building,” encompassing everything from advanced AI to space exploration. Notable figures like Marc Andreessen and Chris Prucha have expressed support for e/acc principles.

In the Bay Area, where many tech innovators are located, e/acc supporters like Prucha are actively engaged in projects like GrowSF, a nonprofit dedicated to addressing issues like housing shortages, education, and public safety. GrowSF is a tangible manifestation of e/acc’s commitment to improving society through technology.

Policy landscape and AI regulation

While the e/acc movement gains momentum, effective altruists dominate policy discussions in Washington. President Biden’s executive order on AI safety and security and recent AI regulations passed by the European Union align more closely with the cautious EA perspective.

Big tech companies, including Google, Apple, and Facebook, often support AI regulation. Some critics argue that these tech giants, once disruptors themselves, now favor regulation to stifle competition and protect their established positions.

E/acc: A return to tech’s pioneering spirit

For supporters like Antonio García Martínez, e/acc represents a return to Silicon Valley’s original pioneering spirit. He contrasts the revolutionary ethos of e/acc with the established tech giants that have become the new establishment.

In Martínez’s view, e/acc embodies the belief that technology can solve virtually any problem, in contrast to the tech industry’s earlier disruptor mentality. The movement seeks to harness the potential of technology to create a better future.

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