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TL;DR Breakdown

  • A brand new South Korean Television show is showcasing the lives of potential crypto investors.
  • It aired on TVChosun for the first time this week.
  • The first episode revolves around the life of celebrity couple Hong Hyun-hee and Jason.

Crypto investment has become a popular and effective financial tactic in many countries. The popularity of cryptocurrencies has surpassed that of gold. In South Korea, a new show was aired this week. The show rotates around the lives of crypto investors, Bitcoin lovers, and crypto miners who have made a fortune after they started investing and mining.

The initial episode was aired on TVChosun and based on a celebrity couple. TVChosun is the property of the country’s prominent media house, Chosun. The show’s title literally translates to “Man Using His Wife’s Credit Card” and has become quite popular with the latest installment.

The show portrays crypto investors in action

The South Korean show stars Hong Hyun-hee, a female comedian, and her lover Jason, the admin of a YouTube channel and an interior designer. Jason is the one who invests in crypto regularly. In the show, the couple was shown experimenting with cryptocurrencies. Hung was shown frying her brains after seeing the volatility of the crypto market, whereas Jason saw his portfolio go up by 400 percent and then down by 30 percent.

The show focuses on the tension that arose in the studio when the couple tried crypto trading and made quick gains by doing so. It focuses on real-line trading scenarios.

This is the step towards the country’s acceptance of cryptocurrencies and crypto investors. The fact is that crypto-based scripts have been promoted and given a lot of TV time in South Korea, and people love it. A new movie titled Twenty Hacker reached major OTT platforms and the theaters too. The movie was appreciated and considered a fresh concept as it was based on a crypto exchange hack.

Such shows and movies on streaming platforms indicate the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by South Korea and that they might make a move like El Salvador in the future. Another 10-season crypto-themed show titled Pumping Time is in the making.

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