Shibarium introduces ‘Donate’ feature


  • Shibarium’s ‘Donate’ empowers users to support validators.
  • FAQ page enhances user experience in Shibarium.
  • SHIB price at critical levels, potential trend shift.

In a move to bolster the Shiba Inu ecosystem and foster greater community engagement, the developers behind Shibarium have announced the introduction of a new feature called “Donate.” This significant update aims to enhance support for the network’s validators, a vital component of the Shibarium blockchain.

The “Donate” feature is designed to empower the Shibarium community by enabling them to contribute directly to non-profit validators. These validators play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and security of the Shibarium network. The introduction of this feature aligns with the project’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and robust ecosystem.

Shiba Inu strengthens Shibarium with validator support

The process of making donations through the “Donate” feature has been made user-friendly and straightforward. Users can easily navigate to the information page of their chosen validator from a comprehensive list. Once there, they can select the “Donate” button and specify the token and amount they wish to contribute.

This initiative acknowledges the importance of validators in the blockchain’s operation. Validators are responsible for verifying transactions and upholding the integrity of the ledger. In return, they receive rewards proportional to their stake, distributed among all participants.

Currently, Shibarium operates with 12 validators, with the top five validators based on the staked amount being ShibArmy America, Unification, ShibArmy Europe, Ryoshi Labs, and ShibArmy Asia. These validators are essential to the network’s functionality and security.

The number of validator slots in Shibarium is limited to 100, and each validator is required to stake a minimum of 10,000 units of BONE. Presently, there are 21,488,549 BONE tokens staked on Shibarium, equivalent to approximately $13.6 million. The introduction of the “Donate” feature is a strategic move to create a supportive and sustainable environment for both validators and users, ultimately enhancing the integrity and functionality of the Shibarium network.

FAQ Page for enhanced user experience

In addition to the “Donate” feature, the Shibarium team has also unveiled a new FAQ page within the Shibarium application. This page is aimed at providing users with clear, accessible, and immediate information to address application-related inquiries. By offering a comprehensive FAQ section, the team aims to improve the overall user experience and ensure that users can easily find answers to their questions.

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