Shib Name Service launches on Shibarium to simplify and secure digital transactions

Shib Name Service launches on Shibarium to simplify and secure digital transactions

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  • Shibarium has introduced Shib Name Service (SNS) to transform complex digital addresses into user-friendly, easily recognizable names, aiming to enhance usability and reduce transaction errors.
  • SNS is a part of Shibdentity, a broader decentralized identity platform that features self-custodial authentication, decentralized verifiable credentials, and smart wallets.
  • Acquiring a Shib Name is simple and involves connecting a wallet to the Shibarium platform, choosing a name and purchase period, and then approving the transaction.

Shibarium has announced the launch of Shib Name Service (SNS), aiming to make digital addresses more user-friendly and secure. The development comes amid a period where Shibarium and its associated products have been under the spotlight for not leveraging the recent surge in cryptocurrency interest.

Transforming digital addresses

The SNS feature transforms Shibarium addresses into easily recognizable names. For instance, you no longer have to deal with addresses like 0xCD4C526E9981d690472d1cB85F2ddf08451C4673. Instead, you can transact using memorable names like “bob.shib.” or “John.shib.” The announcement shifts the focus from complex alphanumerical strings to more human-friendly forms.

Also, the feature aims to minimize the chances of transaction errors. We all know that in the crypto market, a single misstep in addresses can result in irrecoverable losses. Hence, the new naming protocol aims to mitigate such risks effectively, making it simpler to share your address. 

SNS as a cornerstone in the Shibdentity ecosystem

SNS is a part of a more expansive initiative known as Shibdentity. Designed as a decentralized identity platform, Shibdentity aims to restore control over digital identities to the individual. Shibdentity accomplishes this through features like self-custodial authentication, decentralized verifiable credentials, and smart wallets compliant with W3C standards.

In the context of Shibdentity, SNS stands as an integral feature promoting ease of use and safety. It takes the user experience beyond mere transactions, embedding it into a network of decentralized applications. The decentralization ensures that your transactions and digital identity remain secure, free from the limitations and vulnerabilities associated with centralized platforms.

Moreover, SNS operates in tandem with a variety of apps and services within the Shibarium ecosystem. This cross-platform functionality enhances the user experience, fostering a more holistic approach to digital transactions and identity management. It also fortifies the user’s defense against centralized control or takedowns, a feature that aligns well with the core principles of Shibdentity.

SNS live: How to get started

Getting a Shib Name is a straightforward process that begins by connecting your wallet to the platform. Users then search for their desired name, choosing the purchase period from the available options. After approving the transaction through a Metamask popup, the purchased names are listed under the ‘My Names’ section. Additionally, for those interested in acquiring multiple names, a cart feature has been incorporated for a convenient checkout process.

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