Shiba Inu: A formative force in the future of gaming

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  • SHIB is strengthening its background by working in the gaming industry.
  • Shiba Inu’s prices have risen, firmer once it strengthens in the gaming domain.
  • An NDA was signed with AAA studio, a leading name in gaming.
  • William David Vold will serve as the consultant of the completely decentralized project.

Shiba Inu, commonly known as one of the two meme coins, was initially not taken seriously. It has begun to step into other domains to help SHIB get a credible value apart from its fame as a meme coin. It is expected to set new standards and work on a game, Shiboshi, and introduce it on various platforms.

This will not be a traditional game; rather, it comes with all perks of decentralized blockchain technology. It will add to the pleasures of gaming as it integrates the latest technologies and the expertise of AAA Studio, and the vigor of SHIB.

Shiba Inu – rise from scratch

The rise of Shiba Inu has been phenomenal. It has risen from scratch in a few years and now aims to touch new horizons. There were speculations about how it would expand to other businesses to stand on firm grounds. It was especially YouTubers who speculated that Shiba Inu might launch a gaming platform. Their guess was right, and Shiba Inu announced that it would soon launch a game called Shiboshi.

Though there have been fluctuations in the crypto market for the last few weeks, this game will prove to be a pillar for Shiba Inu. This will strengthen the Shiba Inu blockchain and the currency and prove to be a backing for it. The rise of Shiba Inu was predictive of how it might progress.

The initial investments to this crypto were made resulting from memes, and then it turned into a serious contender for the leading positions. Since then, it has attracted investments and planned to bring and implement ideas for its firm backing. The idea of launching a game is part of this plan. It is discussed in the following lines.

Shiba Inu’s stepping to the gaming arena

According to official sources, Shiba Inu approached different gaming production houses but was shown a red flag in many places. It was AAA Studio that encouraged their idea, and this led to further negotiations. After the completion of discussions and finalizing the idea of the game, they signed a mutual NDA.

What makes this gaming idea truly innovative and groundbreaking is the implementation in Metaverse and NFT. This will make them the first game to have clones in the domains above. As the lead name in game production, AAA Studios required a dedicated person to oversee the project. For this purpose, there was no better fit than William David Volk. Volk will be responsible for the complete process from the design to implementation and the final form.

Volk’s experience in the gaming industry needs no mention, and he is considered one of the giants of this industry. Volk has a great development to his credit, which is the co-development of the first iOS game. This game will bring his immense experience to the development of this game, making it an instant hit.

The primary focus of this game is mobile phones, and later it might be launched for other devices. Once it is launched, it will be available on Android and iOS. As it will be a decentralized game, it will soon be available to users to add further. It will add to the gaming experience and, if a person earns revenue using it, that will be added to their SHIB account. It seems a great idea, but it’s just the beginning, soon new features will be added to it.

Source: Pixabay

Perks of using Shiboshi

The development team is working on a metaverse for Shiboshi, which will be named OSHIverse. Once this idea is completely ready, it will be available on Shibarium. It will be an initiative to develop a ‘real’ future using the Shiboshi metaverse.

There has been no blockchain working on this idea, and Shiba Inu is the only blockchain that is testing this revolutionary idea.


There are chances of being scammed in the name of Shiba Inu’s game, Shiboshi. The official statement of the Shiboshi development team has warned about it. ShibaSwap on different platforms is working on scamming the users, so they should be aware of it.

Shiba Inu officials have clearly stated that it is not their project, and they won’t be responsible for any damage if a person uses the game.

Final words

Shiba Inu is finally taking a tremendous step toward the development of decentralized gaming. With the completion and release of this game, it will become an unrivaled idea of its own in the blockchain. It is expected to add further to the strength of Shiba Inu. 

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