Shiba Inu enthusiast Shannon Bray: Crypto should be ‘part of our politics’


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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Shannon Bray is pegging his senate campaign on cryptocurrency.
  • He is making his second attempt to join the senate.

Shannon Bray believes that a meme coin will push his quest to clinch victory. Bray is an ex-serviceman from North Carolina. He has aspirations to become a senator. So the ex-Navy is making his second attempt for the position.

In 2020, the SHIB enthusiast unsuccessfully vied for the senate. Nonetheless, the aspirant is making another attempt. Yet, this round with his main agenda coined around cryptocurrency. The China crypto mining crackdown fuels his ambitions. 

Shannon is amongst crypto-friendly politicians. Besides, he is capitalizing on the crypto effect to advance his Washington ambitions.

Bray’s political ambitions began in 2019 when he was a security analyst at the US DOD. During this time, he was observing a two months layoff. 

Being without salary, the veteran saw a chance to clinch the Senate seat in North Carolina. The seat was vacant, and Bray felt the urge to serve his country at the legislative level.

The first attempt was disastrous for Bray

Bray’s first attempt at politics was hazardous. He only managed 3% of the votes while challenging Thom Tillis. The Republican incumbent. It appeared a shameful defeat. But Bray believes it opened ballot access to his supporters.

His other plan is cyber security, pro-immigration. He is also reducing the staff count at the federal government. Besides, he is agitating for an anti-war approach to conflicts.

The ex-soldier is not a crypto expert, and he acknowledges that. But holding SHIB from September has raised his status. Besides, his donations towards struggling veterans are rising with his ambitions.

Despite knowing Bitcoin from 2010, he decided to entail crypto in his campaign this year. By then, Bray had $30,000 in BTC and ETH. But, the Chinese crackdown on Bitcoin saw him wake up with only $5000. The china move caused the entire market to drop.

With time, the veteran figured that the affected miners could set up shops in the US. Besides, he saw bitcoin prices surging after that. Bray got re-energized by how bitcoin bounced back. He figured that crypto must feature in American politics globally—More so when China is out of the picture. 

In a tweet, Shanon Bray said he is looking for crypto fanatics without political passion. 

The tweet generated exciting comments with a follower promising to vote for Bray.

He further believes America can have crypto enthusiast leaders. To him, this would improve relationships with crypto retail investors. Yet, the enthusiast will only bring regulations aiming to improve crypto innovations.

The rise of crypto enthusiast leaders

In recent times, several crypto-friendly politicians are coming out. For example, NYC Mayor-elect Erick Adams wants his salary in bitcoin. He feels this will promote the crypto industry in the city and flip Miami.

Also, Ohio senate aspirants from both sides are pro-crypto. Morgan Harper, the Democrat candidate, has endorsed crypto. He said Bitcoin and other altcoins have the potential to spread economic strength. Josh Mandel, the Republican hopeful, made a call to his constituents to stand up for crypto.

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