Seychelles Parliament Discuss a Bill to Tackle AI


  • Seychelles lawmakers are discussing a bill to make sure AI and tech help people without hurting jobs or rights. 
  • The bill suggests rules for using tech in schools, accessing services without the internet, and protecting against digital fakes. 
  • It’s early days for the bill, with lots of talks ahead to fine-tune it and decide on its future.

In a recent seminar held in Seychelles, lawmakers gathered to dive deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on society. This event, aimed at shedding light on AI’s potential and pitfalls, marks a significant step towards understanding how technology intersects with human rights.

The pro-human technology bill

Triggered by concerns over the unregulated use of AI, Srdjana Janosevic, a local journalist, proposed the pro-human technology bill. This legislation is a call to action for Seychelles’ lawmakers to ensure technology serves humanity without infringing on rights or livelihoods. The bill is unique in its focus. It’s focusing on issues from employment protection to the rights of children in education, and from access to services without the internet to the fight against digital forgery.

Core concerns and proposed solutions

The bill aims to protect jobs against AI’s encroachment and ensures that children grow their intellect naturally, even as technology becomes a larger part of education. Additionally, It stresses the importance of allowing citizens to access government and essential services in person, not just online, protecting those without digital access.

With the rise of AI, the potential for digital forgeries grows. The bill seeks to safeguard against such abuses, ensuring trust in digital content. Also, the bill advocates for personal freedom in an increasingly digital world. It highlights the right to refuse digital currencies and microchipped implants,

Diverse voices weigh in Seychelles

The seminar featured insights from various experts, including Benjamin Choppy of the Department of Information Communications Technology and Robin Zarine from the University of Seychelles. Discussions ranged from the practical applications of AI in government to the ethical considerations of its use.

With technology’s rapid advancement, the importance of such legislative efforts cannot be overstated. Seychelles’ lawmakers are at the forefront of a crucial conversation, balancing innovation with the imperative to protect human rights and dignity in the digital age.

As the world grapples with the implications of AI and technology, Seychelles’ parliamentary discussions and the proposed pro-human technology bill serve as a model for proactive, thoughtful engagement with the future. This legislation not only addresses the immediate concerns associated with AI but also sets a precedent for future tech governance, ensuring that as technology advances, human rights remain at the core of its development and deployment.

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