Shake-Up at Sequoia Capital: Departures of Key Partners Mark Transformation

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  • Michael Moritz, a long-time partner at Sequoia Capital, is leaving to shift his focus to Sequoia Heritage, a wealth management enterprise he co-founded.
  • Sequoia Capital faces reputational damage due to its involvement in the collapse of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, resulting in the loss of millions from its global growth fund.

Sequoia Capital, the renowned venture capital firm with a storied history of successful investments, has experienced a series of significant transformations in the past year. This period has been marked by market turbulence, restructuring, and the departure of several key investors. Among those leaving the firm is veteran partner Michael Moritz, who will shift his focus to Sequoia Heritage, a wealth management enterprise he co-founded. These departures come at a crucial time for Sequoia as it grapples with reputational damage from its involvement in the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. This article delves into the recent developments at Sequoia Capital and their implications for the firm’s future.

Michael Moritz Departs to Focus on Sequoia Heritage

After a long and illustrious career at Sequoia Capital since 1986, veteran partner Michael Moritz has decided to step away from the venture firm to concentrate on Sequoia Heritage, a wealth management enterprise he co-founded. Established in 2010, Sequoia Heritage manages assets exceeding $15 billion, with a significant portion of Moritz’s family foundation, Crankstart, invested in the fund. While Moritz will retain advisory roles at Sequoia-backed companies, he plans to gradually transition out of these responsibilities over time. His departure marks the end of an era and raises questions about the firm’s future direction without his influential presence.

Challenges and Departures Amidst Reputational Damage

Sequoia Capital, known for its remarkable returns since its inception in 1972, has recently faced challenges and reputational damage due to its involvement with FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that collapsed, resulting in a loss of $214 million from Sequoia’s global growth fund. This setback has led to the departure of key partners, including Mike Vernal, Michelle Fradin, Kais Khimji, and Daniel Chen. 

Fradin, who played a crucial role in the FTX investment decision, was a relatively junior partner. Chen described as a “crypto maxi” in his Twitter bio, also had a focus on cryptocurrency investments. Vernal, however, will maintain his board seats despite taking some time off. These departures highlight the challenges that Sequoia faces in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency investments and the need for the firm to adapt and rebuild its investment strategy.

Restructuring and International Divisions

Sequoia Capital made waves when it announced a major split with its operations in China and India, a decision influenced partly by increasing geopolitical tensions between Silicon Valley and China. This move also led to the spin-off of Sequoia Heritage, where Michael Moritz holds a founding limited partner and board member position. 

According to Sequoia’s recent filing with the SEC, its total venture assets, excluding Sequoia Heritage and hedge fund businesses, amount to $55.58 billion. While this figure represents a slight increase from the previous quarter, it is notably lower than the $85 billion reported in March 2022, indicating the impact of the firm’s restructuring efforts.


Sequoia Capital, the prestigious venture capital firm, finds itself in the midst of significant changes and challenges. The departure of veteran partner Michael Moritz, along with other key partners, has marked a notable shift in the firm’s leadership and raises questions about its future direction. Additionally, the reputational damage resulting from the collapse of FTX has further compounded these challenges. As Sequoia undertakes restructuring and adapts its investment strategy, the firm faces the task of rebuilding its image and reaffirming its position as a leading technology investment group worldwide. The coming months will undoubtedly be critical in shaping the next chapter for Sequoia Capital.

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