German startup Semron’s Memcapacitors Set to Transform AI Processing


  • Semron’s memcapacitors promise energy-efficient AI processing.
  • Memcapacitors could reshape the future of mobile device computing.
  • Semron’s innovation tackles the impending AI compute resource shortage.

In a dynamic and rapidly evolving tech landscape, Semron, a German startup, is poised to disrupt the world of AI computing with its pioneering memcapacitor-based chips. Founded by engineering graduates Kai-Uwe Demasius and Aron Kirschen, Semron’s innovative approach promises higher energy efficiency and cost-effective AI processing for mobile devices. 

Semron’s Memcapacitor technology

Semron’s chips mark a departure from conventional processors that rely on electrical currents. Instead, these chips utilize electrical fields, hinging on a component known as a “memcapacitor.” Unlike traditional transistors, memcapacitors can store energy and manipulate electric fields for calculations. 

The core principle is charge shielding, where an electric field is controlled between top and bottom electrodes via a shielding layer. This layer is managed by the chip’s memory, which stores the various “weights” of an AI model, facilitating fine-tuning and performance enhancement during training and data processing.

The key advantage of Semron’s approach is a substantial reduction in electron movement at the chip level, leading to reduced energy consumption and heat generation. This unique property enables Semron to envision incorporating hundreds of layers of memcapacitors onto a single chip, dramatically increasing its compute capacity.

Energy efficiency and impressive results

In a groundbreaking 2021 study published in Nature Electronics, Semron, in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, achieved remarkable energy efficiencies exceeding 3,500 TOPS/W (Trillions of Operations Per Second per Watt). This achievement surpasses existing techniques by 35 to 300 times. 

These results indicate that memcapacitors have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption during AI model training, a critical aspect of AI computing.

Challenges and competition

Despite its innovative technology, Semron faces the challenges inherent in scaling up manufacturing and establishing a substantial customer base. The competitive landscape includes established players like Kneron, EnCharge, and Tenstorrent, who have collectively secured significant venture capital. 

EnCharge, in particular, shares Semron’s focus on capacitor-based chips but employs a different substrate architecture.

Semron, however, has managed to secure substantial investments from renowned backers such as Join Capital, SquareOne, OTB Ventures, and Onsight Ventures. With 10 million euros (approximately $10.81 million) in funding to date, Semron demonstrates investor confidence in its groundbreaking approach.

Significance of Semron’s technology

Semron’s memcapacitor-based chips have the potential to address the impending shortage of AI compute resources, a concern for many companies reliant on such capabilities. As AI models grow in complexity and power demands, traditional computing architectures face limitations. Semron’s technology promises to provide advanced AI capabilities while maintaining price points comparable to today’s consumer electronics chips.

SquareOne partner Georg Stockinger underscores the importance of Semron’s innovation, stating, “Computing resources will become the ‘oil’ of the 21st century.” With large language models and the constraints of Moore’s law, Semron’s specialized computing chips offer a paradigm shift by reducing costs and energy consumption for AI tasks by at least 20 times. 

This groundbreaking technology could play a pivotal role in enhancing productivity and competitiveness for companies and nations alike.

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