SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce proposes safe harbor for Blockchain projects

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To give legitimate crypto projects a chance to grow under U.S. security laws, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce has proposed creating a regulatory harbor through decentralized networks. Nicknamed cryptoMoM,  the process would allow the companies the needed freedom to develop their needed network before needing to be bothered about regulators.

Also, companies that are making progress this way through the open-source and permission network, likewise carrying the public along with their operation, would get an official release from security laws.

This would as well be of numerous advantages to companies as developers can fundraise, investors can get more required information, and ordinary citizens get to enjoy the unique new technology with regulators able to protect these companies.

The proposal which was unveiled in a speech at a blockchain conference had plans for companies to get three years of tax relief. They will not pay a dime in tax from their token sales to get to a particular stage of decentralization enough to maneuver the SEC’s evaluation and the Howey Test, usually conducted by the U.S. Supreme Court evaluation.

Need for SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce proposal

Crypto projects that are into a token sales promise to build up a decentralized network within U.S. securities laws. SEC has, however, continued to reiterate the message through public statements and high-profile enforcement actions.

Crypto company projects however usually do not violate SEC laws through “Regulation D” exemptions, that stops selling token to people classed as wealthy, and “Regulation S” waivers, this curb token sale to investors outside the U.S. However, these two patterns stop delivering token to people who are actually in need of it.

The regulatory authority has also begun concluding capital punishment for erring companies. A particular firm in charge of launching EOS was fined around $23 million for its Initial Coin Offering. Telegram had its billion-dollar sale halted. The messaging app, Kik, was charged with conducting a $100 million unregistered offering.

Benefits of the regulatory safe harbor for Blockchain projects

The proposal, if brought to fruition, would allow a neutral ground in terms of the requirement for those who choose to key into the process.

Companies would also be bound to make public their qualification, worth, earnings, and other incentives they can achieve. They would also be required to reveal transaction histories, their master plan, and previous achievements to understand the potentials they can achieve.

Crypto analysts and investors have long been keeping a close watch on what SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce has under her sleeves:

Looking forward to your presentation next week in Congress. Hope you are able to convey that crypto assets are here to stay, trying to stop anti-fragile assets is naive and counterproductive. It would only hurt the US and make them grow faster in places they don’t really like.

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce

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