Saudi Arabia Launches National Olympiad for Programming and AI to Attract 300,000 Pupils

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  • Saudi Arabia’s National Olympiad for Programming and AI aims to nurture the next generation of tech innovators, attracting 300,000 students.
  • This initiative underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to building an AI-enriched economy and fostering global competitiveness in technology.
  • Deloitte’s AI Institute launch in Riyadh complements the Kingdom’s investment in AI, positioning Saudi Arabia as a regional tech leader.

Saudi Arabia has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to foster the growth of computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) skills among its middle and high school students. The National Olympiad for Programming and Artificial Intelligence, a collaborative effort between the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), the Ministry of Education, and the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba), aims to inspire competition and innovation in the realm of AI. This initiative seeks to equip the next generation of Saudi innovators and coders with the skills required in an AI-driven world.

A gateway to the future

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, Saudi Arabia recognizes the importance of nurturing talent in the fields of programming and artificial intelligence. With the world increasingly embracing AI as a transformative force, the Kingdom seeks to prepare its youth to excel in these domains. The National Olympiad is set to attract an estimated 300,000 pupils from a pool of 3 million participants across Saudi Arabia. This substantial turnout underscores the eagerness of Saudi students to embrace AI and programming.

A collaborative effort

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Mawhiba, has designed this groundbreaking initiative. It is open to all pupils in the Kingdom, emphasizing inclusivity and equal opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds. The competition’s primary objective is to identify exceptional students who possess the analytical and problem-solving skills needed for algorithmic programming. By encouraging students to develop computational thinking and algorithmic AI-based design, the initiative positions these skills as essential for 21st-century learning.

Building an AI-enriched economy

The organizers of the National Olympiad have a vision that extends beyond the competition itself. They aim to contribute significantly to the development of a knowledgeable and AI-enriched economy in Saudi Arabia. By fostering a culture of competitive programming, the initiative aspires to nurture a creative generation capable of excelling in international scientific competitions. This not only prepares Saudi youth for global challenges but also positions the Kingdom as a hub for technological innovation.

The path to international representation

The culmination of the National Olympiad will be the Scientific Creativity Olympiad, where 35 exceptional pupils from Saudi Arabia will be selected to represent their nation on the international stage at the International Science and Engineering Fair. This prestigious event provides a platform for Saudi students to showcase their talent, compete with peers from around the world, and further hone their skills in AI and programming.

Registration details

Students who wish to participate in this transformative initiative can register through the official Mawhiba website. The registration period will remain open until November 28, allowing ample time for interested pupils to join the competition. There will be two rounds of tests, the first scheduled for January 26 and 27, followed by the second round from April 23-27. These rounds will serve as a rigorous evaluation of the participants’ skills, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities.

The enthusiastic response

The National Olympiad for Programming and Artificial Intelligence has garnered enthusiastic support from both students and professionals in the technology sector. Dr. Amal Al Hazzaa, Secretary-General of Mawhiba, noted that Saudi pupils have shown a consistent interest in participating in Olympiads over the years. The competition is poised to harness and elevate this enthusiasm, channeling it towards the advancement of technology and empowering Saudi youth with knowledge and opportunities in AI.

Saudi Arabia’s investment in AI

Saudi Arabia’s commitment to AI extends beyond this Olympiad. The nation has been making substantial investments in the field, solidifying its position as a regional leader in technological innovation. In May, Deloitte’s AI Institute was officially launched at the Experience Analytics conference in Riyadh. Yousef Barkawie, Deloitte’s Middle East AI and data leader, emphasized the significance of the Deloitte AI Institute in driving progress for businesses and public sector organizations in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East through emerging technology applications.

The launch of the National Olympiad for Programming and Artificial Intelligence marks a pivotal moment in Saudi Arabia’s journey toward technological excellence. By nurturing the skills and talents of its youth in AI and programming, the Kingdom is positioning itself for a future that relies heavily on innovation and digital transformation. With widespread participation and enthusiastic support, this initiative is set to create a dynamic and competitive ecosystem that will drive Saudi Arabia’s technological progress for years to come. The Kingdom’s investment in AI is a testament to its commitment to building a brighter future for its citizens and contributing to the global tech landscape.

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