Samsung smartphone crypto support confirmed for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Samsung smartphone crypto support confirmed for Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Samsung smartphone crypto support will be available in the upcoming lineup of its mobile devices. The company has announced that it will add support for virtual currencies in its mobile devices. The upcoming Galaxy S20 generation will feature in-built Bitcoin and Etherum digital currencies.

For many years, the crypto industry is yearning for mainstream phone vendors to adopt its currencies. With the Bitcoin clout rising over the last few years, big names have come forward to support the industry. HTC started the trend of blockchain phones with inherent cryptocurrency support. Now, Samsung smartphone crypto support is bound to take things forward in a positive direction.

Samsung smartphone crypto support will help in mainstreaming BTC

Samsung has officially announced that the upcoming range of mobile devices will inherently support selected cryptocurrencies beginning with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The newly launched Galaxy S20 will have the Samsung app allowing users to keep their crypto private keys for BTC, and ETH.

Samsung smartphone crypto support is a huge development. It will not only ensure that big brands adopt crypto but will also increase the acceptability of the crypto across a wide range of consumer sectors as well. The firm claimed that the new secure processor provides superior security that safeguards the user’s private keys, passwords, patterns, and more. They have combined it with Samsung Knox to improve its security feature further. Private data is much more secure now on Samsung devices, claims the company.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore already delivering innovative solutions

Launched last year, the Blockchain Keystore is already delivering innovative solutions. Primarily, it helps store private keys in your device just like a regular hardware crypto wallet. The company released a software development kit that developers can use to make applications that help add more features to the Keystore.

The Samsung Keystore app is presently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, and other nations as specified by the company.

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