Samsung S10 crypto wallet for Ethtereum is reportedly compromisable

The latest phone launched by smartphone giant, Samsung, is reported to have been loaded with compromisable security. The Samsung Galaxy S10, which was loudly advertised as the real deal among the crypto-space, all because of the game-changing crypto wallet that was integrated with it.

Samsung declared that the newest S10 model would come with an integrated secure crypto wallet that can hold personal keys and codes for crypto assets.

However, a video recently uploaded on Imgur demonstrates a hacker, who goes by the pseudonym ‘darkshark’, successfully by-passing the phone’s biometric security and unlocking the phone. The hacker in the video is a security researcher.

I attempted to fool the new Samsung Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner by using 3d printing. I succeeded.

The hacker shows how he can get past the fingerprint sensor on the phone by using a 3D printer to print a model of a fingerprint, which he acquires by taking pictures of the fingerprint saved on the phones system.

According to this hacker, a smartphone was used to take a picture of the fingerprint which was then photoshopped and made edits to, before being printed in 3D. He claims to have acquired the print from a wine glass.

Darkshark also stated that it took him three attempts to print the model at the correct ridge height. The print seems to work well and this, he says, raises many concern regarding the robustness of the security system.

This means that anyone could, in theory, lift off your fingerprints, have them printed out and hack into your phone, leaving lots of room for criminal activity.

The hacker said that he could carry out the whole process in three minutes and even remotely print the model.

He added further, that since many of the banks only require fingerprint authentication now, it would be very easy for anyone to access someone’s assets.