Samsung Enhances Gauss Generative AI Model with Telecom Academic Papers


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  • Samsung boosts AI with 20,000 telecom papers, enhancing Gauss for Galaxy S24 series, promises more collaborations with academic associations.
  • Google introduced exclusive AI assistant, Pixie, for Pixel 9 series, gathering personalized insights from Gmail, YouTube, and other products.
  • Beyond smartphones, Google explores AR glasses with onboard AI, potentially revolutionizing user interactions beyond current device boundaries.

Samsung, a leading consumer electronics company, is fortifying its Gauss Generative AI model through a strategic collaboration with the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences. This initiative involves the incorporation of insights from a substantial database comprising 20,000 telecom-related academic papers.

Partnership with the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences

In a pivotal move towards advancing its artificial intelligence capabilities, Samsung has joined forces with the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences. The primary objective is to leverage the wealth of information embedded in 20,000 academic papers focused on telecommunications. These papers, made available by the institute, will play a crucial role in training Samsung’s Gauss Generative AI model.

Gauss, unveiled at the Samsung AI Forum 2023, stands as the cornerstone for Samsung’s future AI products and technologies. Comprising three key components—Gauss Language, Gauss Image, and Gauss Code—the suite is set to debut in the highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series. This marks a significant stride towards integrating AI tools into Samsung smartphones, enhancing user experience and functionality.

Samsung’s  vision for collaborative innovation

Samsung Research views this collaboration as a groundbreaking step, marking the convergence of a global IT powerhouse with an academic association. Emphasizing the significance of this partnership, Samsung Research states that it is the initial phase of a meaningful collaboration, with plans to extend cooperation with academic associations across various domains.

Google’s exclusive AI assistant for Pixel 9 series

Meanwhile, Google is intensifying its foray into the AI realm with the introduction of Pixie, an exclusive AI assistant slated for the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro smartphones. Pixie is designed to gather insights from diverse Google products, including Gmail and YouTube, to offer users highly personalized suggestions. Its capabilities extend to complex, multimodal tasks, such as providing directions to nearby stores based on user-captured images.

In a bid to outshine competitors, Google aims to establish Pixie as a distinctive AI assistant, setting it apart from existing solutions. This exclusive assistant is anticipated to unlock new dimensions of user interaction by seamlessly integrating data from various Google services.

AI-powered features in samsung’s galaxy S24

Parallelly, Samsung is gearing up to introduce AI-powered features in its upcoming Galaxy S24 series. Mirroring Google’s commitment to AI innovation, Samsung is set to enhance its smartphones with intelligent capabilities, bringing forth advancements in user assistance and device functionality.

As the race for superior AI assistants intensifies, both Samsung and Google are positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation. While Pixie promises a more personalized and nuanced experience for Pixel users, Samsung’s Gauss suite hints at a comprehensive AI ecosystem with language, image, and code processing capabilities.

Beyond smartphones: Google’s exploration of AR glasses

Looking beyond smartphones, Google is internally exploring the prospect of augmented reality (AR) glasses. These futuristic wearables could feature cameras and an onboard AI assistant, allowing wearers to interact with their surroundings in novel ways. The potential functionalities include object recognition, educational support, and even aiding in creative endeavors such as music instrument playing.

In a landscape where technological advancements are relentless, Samsung and Google are at the forefront of shaping the future of AI. The integration of telecom-related academic knowledge into Samsung’s Gauss model and the introduction of Google’s Pixie highlight the ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI experiences. As both companies push the boundaries, users can anticipate a new era of intelligent interactions and functionalities in their devices.

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