Safety Shield Global’s AI Safety System Secures King’s Award for Enterprise

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  • Safety Shield Global’s AI system boasts 99.6% accuracy in detecting human forms near heavy machinery.
  • The King’s Award recognizes Safety Shield Global’s collision-prevention tech for construction sites.
  • Safety Shield’s AI system offers 360-degree protection, encouraging safer behavior in hazardous zones.

The world-famous technology solutions house, Safety Shield Global, is now a proud possessor of the Royal Award for Enterprise, fortnightly given to solve world issues through the use of Advance Artificial Intelligence Safety Systems. The equipment will be manufactured at our British plant and developed to reduce injuries that often occur on construction sites and in industrial areas, particularly those with very heavy machines. 

The system, one of the most advanced AI human forms recognition devices, is particularly useful in detecting and preventing worker injuries or accidents by enabling operators to monitor the workspace 360 degrees. For instance, artificial intelligence can be used to segregate and detect the forms of humans in dangerous zones as well as filter other objects to give operations the aid they need to make the right decision. The system is specifically designed to do this type of monitoring to alert operators just before a potential collision, thus enabling risk management and occupational safety on site.  

Advanced Features and Independent Validation

The AI safety system could be fitted anywhere on equipment so the operators could retrofit previous models. Data revealed by the abovementioned equipment that was made in the UK attained a very high accuracy rate, which was 99%, stated Safety Shield. 6% in detection of the presence of humans, independently tested on UK and German specs. At this level of accuracy, it becomes possible to carry out exceptionally accurate detection in high-risk areas.  Therefore, the prevention of an accident where a worker and a machine collide will be achieved. One of the bot’s features is correctly separating people from background scenery in the environment, it ensures the absolute safety of team members.

Jonathan Guest, CEO and founder of Safety Shield Global, showed feelings of gratitude and appreciation during his acceptance speech. “I am deeply honored and humbled that Safety Shield Global has received The King’s Award for Enterprise: Creativity shall be the motto,” he would say. “The issue of people-to-machine collisions is uniquely tackled by the use of a feature otherwise unfamiliar in the industry with the aid of technology.  The award is a recognition of the tenacity of our team, which has consistently worked to satisfy our mission of reducing collisions between people and machinery on construction sites and promoting positive behavioral changes. The company commits to always go with the flow and extend the limits of what can be a favorable working environment. 

Legacy of the King’s Award for Enterprise

The King’s Enterprise Award, which comprehensively replaced last year’s Queen’s Award, commemorates the royal legacy of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who dedicated her life to the growth of the British industries. On the other hand, it is the 58th year, and this has granted all successful business authorities the right to use the King’s Awards Emblem for five years. This award is an example of the highest achievements where businesses are recognized based on their creativity, trade relations worldwide, sustainable development, and promotion of opportunity. Marketing companies with logos on their competing products gain an advantage, and their image is improved. 

Pioneering a safer future in construction

Winning the “Worker Safety Innovation Award” SG by highlighting the role of novel measures in labor protection. With incident parades, including heavy machines, being a typical feature of the construction industry, the AI-powered model stands as a nice example of how technology intensity and innovations can deal with pressing safety issues. Prior to 1980, information exchange mostly occurred through vehicles like fax and traditional mail. The King’s Award indexes the company as a leading provider of life protection services in construction that drives the industry to a new level and sets new norms.

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