Russia’s economy is now an untameable beast

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  • Russia’s economy is unexpectedly booming despite Western sanctions intended to cripple it.
  • High government spending and a shortage of workers are leading to an overheated economy and wage increases.
  • The Russian central bank struggles to control inflation and manage an economy that’s growing too fast.
  • Massive investments in military and defense spur economic activity, despite global efforts to isolate Russia.

Over two years ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. The West slapped sanctions on them, aiming to smash their economy. But what’s happening is bizarre. Russia’s economy is not just holding up; it’s booming. President Vladimir Putin, now kicking off his fifth term, has got a problem because the Russian economy is heating up too fast.

Ever since the conflict started, Russia’s economy has been on a rollercoaster. Everyone thought the sanctions would cut deep. Instead, Russia’s central bank is scratching its head as the economy gets too hot. There’s so much money being spent by the government that industries can’t keep up. Also, there aren’t enough workers, which has kicked off a wage war among companies trying to snag the best talent.

This surprising toughness has put a wrench in the West’s plans to punish Russia. Even the Russian central bank is struggling to keep things cool and stop prices from flying off the handle.

Russia’s Economic Balancing Act

Russia’s got its financial pedal to the metal. The Bank of Russia has frozen its main interest rate at 16%, but inflation’s still running wild. Elvira Nabiullina, the bank’s boss, admits this is weird—people are saving more yet still spending big.

Come election time in March, Russians felt pretty good about their wartime economy. According to Alex Isakov from Bloomberg Economics, big government spending, cheap loans, and rallying the troops have all helped bounce back from 2022’s sanctions sting. Money’s flowing into military manufacturing and then rippling out to boost other parts of the economy.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. The military’s gobbling up a massive chunk of resources, cranking out military gear like there’s no tomorrow.

Change in Defense?

Recently, Putin mixed up his security squad, bringing in Andrey Belousov as the new defense minister. Belousov was key in steering Russia’s economy during wartime. This move shows Putin’s keen on keeping the economic engine roaring.

Isakov points out that the booming economy is a double-edged sword. Construction firms and shops are desperate for workers, who are being lured away by better deals from the arms industry. Also, too-easy credit is starting to cause problems.

Putin recently cheered the central bank’s cautious steps to handle inflation. He spotted both good and bad trends in the economy, hinting at potential ongoing tight financial conditions.

Despite the sanctions, Russia’s getting crafty, pivoting its trade to Asia and dodging the worst impacts. Insiders in the global trade scene confess that capping the price on Russian oil isn’t really working anymore.

Andrey Belousov, the new defense guy, loves art, his country, and Putin—a lot. He’s an old-school economist who thinks the state should drive big changes. Named after revolutionary icons, Belousov was surprised but ready when Putin picked him to replace Sergei Shoigu.

Even though he’s tight with Shoigu, Putin was fed up with how the Defense Ministry was handling things and needed a change.

So here we are, with Russia’s economy barreling along, sanctions or not. It’s a whole new game, and the rules are being rewritten every day. Whether you love them or hate them, you’ve got to admit: Russia is playing hardball.

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