Ronaldo Ethereum card launched by Juventus-Sorare partnership

Ronaldo Ethereum card launched by Juventus Sorare partnership

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Ronaldo Ethereum card has just been launched by the joint partnership of Italian football team Juventus and fantasy football firm Sorare. As the popularity of football blockchain collectible cards rises, more clubs and teams are partnering with blockchain firms to issue digital collectible cards to cash in on the enthusiasm.

Juventus has partnered with Sorare, a blockchain-powered digital football startup, to launch a series of digital collectibles of football stars. As of now, Sorare has offered similar cards for Roma, West Ham, and Napoli.

Ronaldo Ethereum card is just tip of the iceberg

Juventus’s partnership with Sorare will be churning out many more limited edition crypto-collectible tokens of popular players. The Italian team announced a collaboration with the French blockchain-based fantasy football firm Sorare last year.

The first Ronaldo Ethereum Sorare card was dedicated to the star forward. Being the first Ronaldo Ethereum card of the series, it can also be featured in the super rare category.

Sorare wants to integrate blockchain with soccer to deliver next-generation of sports entertainment for football aficionados. Sorare chief executive officer, Nicolas Julia, states that the firm is happy to partner with an Italian giant football club. The launch of the Ronaldo Ethereum card is nothing short of a milestone in the journey to bring onboard more football teams from across the globe.

Sorare revolutionizing the football blockchain collectible cards genre

Ethereum ERC-721 standard will be used on all the tokens issued by Sorare. There will be three categories of cards, namely unique, rare, and super rare in increasing order of exclusivity. In the unique category, one player would have only one unique card to his name. However, the next two categories will sport ten and one hundred cards, respectively.

With the launch of the Ronaldo Ethereum card, Sorare has been cashing on the rise of collectible non-fungible tokens. These are traceable and tradable crypto-assets. Firms like Gods Unchained and CryptoKitties are already big-league players in this realm. Currently, Ethereum tokens dominate this segment.

Just like others, the Ronaldo Sorare card is tradeable in the open market. Also, the owners can create five-member fantasy football teams and compete with each other in digital soccer battles. Currently, Sorare has joined hands with around 37 soccer clubs and teams, including Porto, Roma, Schalke, and more.

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