Robert Kiyosaki stresses awareness in unpredictable market times


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  • Robert Kiyosaki stresses the importance of awareness and empathy in the face of global financial instability.
  • Kiyosaki maintains his position on the value of safe-haven assets, projecting considerable growth for Bitcoin, gold, and silver by 2025.
  • Highlighting silver’s industrial relevance and accessibility due to its affordability, Kiyosaki sees it as a prudent investment for the public.


Renowned financial literacy expert Robert Kiyosaki recently emphasized the unpredictability engulfing the global market, advocating for heightened awareness and kindness during these tumultuous times. Through a message on the social platform X, formerly known as Twitter, the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author drew on wisdom from philosopher Dr. Bucky Fuller. He highlighted that unseen challenges often go unaddressed, putting individuals at risk.

Kiyosaki’s stance is clear: the current global instability demands vigilance. He advises the public to “see with your ears, listen with your heart, trust your intuition, and be extra kind to others.” This approach is crucial for navigating the present financial uncertainty.

Besides his recent focus on kindness and intuition, Kiyosaki is a long-time advocate of investing in safe-haven assets like Bitcoin, gold, and silver. He predicts significant growth in these commodities, foreseeing a substantial value increase by 2025. Additionally, he has emphasized silver’s prospective industrial applications, suggesting its affordability makes it an accessible investment for the average person.

Kiyosaki’s investment insights extend to the tech industry as well. Recently, he hinted at the profitability of Apple shares. This speculation came after Apple CEO Tim Cook sold some of his shares and several banks downgraded them. “Maybe it is time to buy Apple,” Kiyosaki shared, indicating potential undervaluation.

However, Kiyosaki’s financial strategies often circle back to a skepticism towards traditional fiat currency, particularly the U.S. dollar. He asserts that the dollar’s impending decline is an opportunity for Bitcoin to thrive. This perspective gained momentum in 2020 amidst global economic pressures and unprecedented U.S. money printing. Consequently, Kiyosaki became a vocal proponent of alternative assets like Bitcoin, expecting its value to skyrocket to $500,000 by 2025, though he later adjusted this to a more conservative $150,000.

Significantly, Kiyosaki’s investment approach favors direct ownership of assets. Despite the market’s anticipation of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approving Bitcoin spot ETFs, he prefers to hold actual commodities and cryptocurrencies.

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