Rising concerns over crypto drainer attacks prompt Singaporean authorities to issue cybersecurity warning


  • Singapore warns about crypto drainer attacks and using phishing and malware to steal funds.
  • Concerns over free crypto draining kits for novice hackers.
  • Stay safe with hardware wallets, research, and reporting in Singapore.

Singaporean authorities, including the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), have issued a joint advisory to raise awareness about the growing threat of cryptocurrency drainers, a type of malware used to steal funds from crypto wallets. 

The advisory comes in response to the rising use of these malicious tools, which can potentially cause significant financial losses to investors.

Crypto drainers: The emerging threat

Crypto drainers, also known as wallet drainers, have emerged as a concerning cybersecurity threat in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These malicious tools are often employed in phishing attacks, targeting unsuspecting users who fall victim to fraudulent emails or compromised social media accounts. 

Once victims click on a phishing link, they are directed to a counterfeit trading website, where they are prompted to connect their Web3 wallets.

At this point, a malicious smart contract is injected into the victim’s system, allowing hackers to withdraw funds from the victim’s wallet without further authorization. The stolen funds are typically funneled through services that obscure their traceability, such as cryptocurrency mixers, making it challenging to recover the stolen assets.

Commercial crypto draining kits and the drainer-as-a-service model

One particularly troubling aspect of this threat is the availability of commercial crypto-draining kits, which enable novice cybercriminals to access sophisticated malware with no upfront costs. 

These kits are distributed through a drainer-as-a-service (DaaS) model, wherein attackers and service providers collaborate to share a predetermined percentage of the stolen funds.

This partnership between cyber criminals and service providers has increased the adoption of crypto drainers, making it easier for those with ill intentions to exploit unsuspecting victims.

While no reported incidents of crypto drainer attacks have occurred in Singapore yet, the advisory warns that this threat has garnered recognition among hackers worldwide. In 2023, a popular off-the-shelf crypto drainer known as “MS Drainer” was responsible for facilitating the theft of $59 million worth of cryptocurrency, highlighting the substantial financial impact these attacks can have.

In response to this emerging threat, Singaporean authorities have issued several recommendations to help protect cryptocurrency investors and users from falling victim to crypto drainer attacks:

Hardware Wallets: Authorities strongly recommend using hardware wallets as a secure means of safeguarding cryptocurrency holdings. Hardware wallets provide additional protection by storing private keys offline, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Thorough Research: Crypto investors are advised to conduct thorough research before engaging with any cryptocurrency-related services or platforms. This includes verifying the authenticity of websites and being cautious when prompted to connect wallets on unfamiliar sites.

Reporting Incidents: Singaporeans are encouraged to report suspicious incidents related to crypto drainer attacks to the authorities and the relevant crypto service providers. Timely reporting can aid in investigations and potentially prevent further losses.

Token Approval Revoke: In the event of a suspected attack, victims are advised to revoke any suspicious token approvals and transfer their remaining funds to a different, secure wallet address. This step can help prevent further loss of funds.

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