Ripple’s legal strategy may outpace SEC amid election cycle


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  • Ripple has requested a deadline extension in its legal conflict with the SEC, aiming to move the response date from January 17 to January 19.
  • Yassin Mobarak of Dizer Capital suggests that XRP’s move to delay may be a strategy to extend the lawsuit into the U.S. election cycle.
  • The SEC, under Chair Gary Gensler, faces a narrow window before potential leadership changes due to the upcoming election cycle.

In a recent development in the legal conflict between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple, a significant turn has taken place. Ripple, a leading entity in the cryptocurrency sphere, has filed a motion to extend the deadline for responding to an SEC motion. The SEC’s motion demanded Ripple produce its audited financial statements and address specific interrogatories. Ripple’s request aims to push the response deadline from January 17 to January 19.

Yassin Mobarak, founder of Dizer Capital, has shed light on this strategy, suggesting that Ripple might employ delay tactics. This move by Ripple indicates a shift in strategy; previously, the SEC was viewed as the party prolonging the lawsuit. According to Mobarak, the extension could signify Ripple’s intention to extend the legal proceedings into the upcoming U.S. election cycle.

Implications of election cycle on SEC’s Ripple lawsuit

The lawsuit’s timing has become a focal point, especially with the approaching U.S. election cycle. Mobarak pointed out that under its current chair, Gary Gensler, the SEC faces a tight timeframe of approximately 6 to 9 months before the election cycle could impact the commission’s leadership. Speculations about Gensler not heading the SEC post-elections raise questions about the future direction of the lawsuit. A change in leadership, particularly towards a pro-crypto regulator, could significantly alter the dynamics of the SEC’s case against Ripple.

This strategic delay by Ripple, as suggested by Mobarak, may work in the company’s favor. If the lawsuit extends into the election cycle period, the potential for a shift in regulatory stance could influence the outcome of the case. This development marks a notable turn in the multi-year legal tussle, where previously, the SEC was perceived as employing delaying strategies.

Court schedule and broader implications

The court has laid out a clear timeline for the proceedings, with the SEC scheduled to file its final motion in the remedies phase by April 29, 2024. Legal expert Fred Rispoli anticipates a ruling from the court in early summer. This timeline is critical, as it precedes the intensification of the election cycle.

The outcome of this lawsuit is poised to have far-reaching implications in the cryptocurrency industry. As Ripple is a major player in the crypto payments sector, the resolution of this legal battle is eagerly awaited by investors, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders in the crypto community. The SEC’s action against Ripple, originally perceived as a standard regulatory enforcement, has evolved into a complex legal struggle with potential implications for the broader regulatory landscape of cryptocurrencies in the United States.

The Ripple lawsuit against the SEC has entered a critical phase where time plays a pivotal role. The approach of the U.S. election cycle adds a layer of complexity, potentially influencing the direction and outcome of this high-stakes legal battle. As the cryptocurrency industry watches closely, the actions of Ripple and the SEC in the coming months will be decisive in shaping the regulatory environment for digital assets.

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