Ripple XRP price report claims 2019 is deciding year $590 or nothing

Recently Smartereum posted its recent predictions on the future of XRP. These predictions are based on the recent analysis conducted on the coin. The report stated that XRPmay hit the five hundred and ninety dollar mark ($590).

Although the prediction suggests a bright future for XRP the recent price decline of XRP is raising some doubts and many are skeptical about the legitimacy of this prediction.

Smartereum is a leading company for the ethereum community and it provides information services along with informing and connecting the other communities with crypto space. It is the leading news provider for ETH and the whole blockchain space. They provide the full picture on every event and cryptocurrency in the crypto space.

Smartereum has also published some price forecasts for XRP before saying that it may hit the five hundred and eighty-nine dollars ($589) mark by the end of this year.

At the time that prediction was made XRP was in an overall good spot because of Ripple. Ripple had just integrated xRapid with some banking systems. Ripple had also made an effort to enlist XRP on Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Soon after this prediction has published the prices of XRP started descending and the validity of this prediction is in question now.

Just like always there are going to be some people who are hopeful about XRP’s recovery and there are also those who are pessimistic about its recovery.

Some analysts have gone as far as saying that XRP may not even break above the ten dollars ($10) mark.

Similarly, some there are the optimists who think that the current price situation is irrelevant and does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Crypto Bitlord is a renowned member of the XRP community and according to him XRP hitting the five hundred and eighty-nine dollars ($589) is very probable.