Ripple XRP price is down along with others; correction in progress?

The Ripple XRP price has declined a little about 0.53% while Litecoin suffered greatly and went down to more than three percent (3.77%). The depreciation of all the major coins reveals that the whole crypto-market is bearish.

The analysis of the price of major coins Ripple along with Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, show the depreciation of above two percent (-2.07%) since yesterday.

Ripple XRP price is down along with others; correction in progress? 2

But this fluctuation is not shocking as the prices whether increasing or decreasing are still within the range. Traders and investors should note cautiously these fluctuations before taking any decision. The current market trends should be kept in mind

  1. XRP is not showing any clear picture or trend, so, investing in this coin will show unpredictable results.
  2. Litecoin and Bitcoin are recently on an uptrend. Over the past 2 weeks, these coins are performing well.

Ripple has been trading well, and a lot of people are showing interest to invest in this coin. Yesterday analysis of trading revealed that ripple had more transactions than any other coin.

Though Ethereum is a major coin and trading well yet, the ripple has surpassed this coin by yielding 9% more transactions. It seems like the hegemony of the Ethereum is lost as it was the most important coin in regards to transactions.

The surging trend of Ripple should be cautiously observed. The probable reason for more transactions of Ripple than Ethereum would be low transaction fees.

The analysis of 24-hour trading trend shows the largest transactions happened in a ripple of worth $109,899,195 USD.