Ripple XRP price goin downhill to $0.25? Expert speaks

Ripple XRP price has been recurrently sticking around at a price around the quarter of a dollar ($0.27). This was when the currency was closely following Bitcoin’s (BTC’s) trends in the crypto-market along with a few other cryptocurrencies.

In 2018, the value of XRP was around three dollars ($3) which reduced to that of a quarter ($0.25) and has been this quite frequent.

Twitterati cryptocurrency analysts, however, the patterns show the possibility of an on-coming bullish trend for XRP. Various major analysts have illuminated how significant technical patterns anticipate bullish trends.

Experts on Ripple XRP price movement

A very famous cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter named Loma, who is one of the proponents and advocates of XRP’s probable parabolic movement, recently tweeted about how this would be the high time to invest in XRP. He also that such a drastic downfall is not limited to XRP but all the altcoins are facing it.


On the other hand, some analysts also happen to be on the pessimistic end of predictive Ripple XRP price trends.

They believe that as the markets convey a weak form, XRP may dump against BTC. Another popular twitter analyst Soleil Du Soir exclaimed how the downward spiral of XRP will be devastating.


Even though it is observed how Bitcoin (BTC) turns out to be the pipe-piper for all the altcoin trends in the cryptocurrency market, it is very possible that the Ripple XRP price in the near term will be according to its current support and investors. The future of XRP depends entirely on how many investors trust in its future.