Ripple XRP price analysis: Q1 remains within 30 cents range in 2019

Ripple’s XRP, on the other hand, has been struggling to keep it together. Compared to Bitcoin it is way behind both in terms of market cap, and value against the United State dollar.

Crypto space is overtaken by a bullish run and most coins are benefitting from it. Among all the coins bitcoin stood out the most and is almost hitting it’s all-time high and many expect it to break through it.

Nasdaq is a leading stock exchange it has made XRP partner up with Brave New Coin (BNC). Brave New Coin is a data & research company mainly focused on the blockchain industry. This new index with XRP will be called XRP Liquid Index (XRPLX).

Ripple XRP price analysis: Q1 remains within 30 cents range in 2019 2Ripple XRP chart created with Trading View

This ongoing activity is helping XRP one way or another. Along with this, the recent partnership with the bank of Kuwait is also an honorable mention.

This whole activity is showing good prospects for Ripple’s future. Ripple’s whole motto is represented in their solutions.

The chief technology officer of the bank of Kuwait gave a statement regarding his views on the partnership saying that this collaboration has proved to be efficient and the customers will notice the improvement through the fast international transaction rates.

He concluded by ending on a good note saying that he looks forward to working with Ripple again because they share the same vision for innovating the banking eco-system.

The partnership is built around the bank of Kuwait using xCurrent. xCurrent is a very important product of Ripple and its use is becoming more common than ever. The xCurrent product does help in sustaining XRP on the market. It is only helpful when integrated into banking systems.

The xCurrent product also allows upgrades that are only proceeded with when the bank gives its permission.

Ripple is not the only underperforming coin on the top ten charts. Along with Ripple, Binance coin and Stellar Lumens are also underperforming during this bullish run in the space.

XRP has shown little to no growth and has only risen by two percent (2.3%) over the past week. It is currently leaning on support levels near thirty cents (30 cents).