Ripple price improves slightly after an almost 5% dip

Ripple (XRP) is bleeding out as we write these lines, alright maybe that’s a little too melodramatic, but the truth is Ripple price is unable to sustain the year-to-date high point at $0.497.

On the 29th of June Ripple price improved slightly to $0.420 but as we enter the 30th of June 2019, price is likely to hit back yesterday’s trading point of $0.410.

Ripple price improves slightly after an almost 5% dip 2Ripple price chart by Trading View

On the other hand, yesterday Ethereum (ETH) was able to provide the best currencies that were around zero point eight percent (0.8%) having its price above two hundred ninety-six point dollars ($296.43).

The worst performing crypto of the big fab was Ripple’s XRP which came down more than four percent (4.29%) driving its price to approximately zero point four one dollars ($0.410803). Two out the fab five experienced an upsurge providing a mixed sign for the crypto sector.

Crypto stockbrokers are largely trading Gate, Stex, DDEX, CoinDirect, Yobit, and Binance in the wake of new Bitcoin volatility.

June 26 was a fairly typical day for fab five as they oscillated in the normal daily range. Following are the noteworthy developments for technical traders;

  • For those looking for uptrending coins, BTC and ETH are better options as they had a clear uptrend since the past two weeks.
  • Those looking for coins without a clear trend should consider XRP, LTC, and BCH as they have been trendless since past 14 days.

Yesterday, ETH documented about 821,844 trades on its blockchain in the past 24 hours which is the best, i.e., approximately forty-eight percent (48% ) more than XRP over which held the second most trades on its chain.

Today, Ripple has had, $524,654,515.46 of the trade volume at all exchanges across the globe, according to