Ripple price analysis: Would the greens stay here?

Ripple is a protocol used for making payments and it was created by Ripple Labs. It is a US based company. Its cryptocurrency called the XRP is recently gaining a lot of popularity and is deemed to be a very good investment.

Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have entered a period where the prices are rising and it is predicted that they will keep rising. Coming along with this trend of rising prices we have Ripple joining the bandwagon too.

The price analysis of Ripple is as follows. On Tuesday of 2nd April 2019, the trading trend predicted a good start for Ripple. Before this Ripple was stuck between the same price range but now the prices are rising as the market momentum increases.

The prices have been increasing with time without any fallback. Crypto analysts wish that the price of ripple hits the mark of zero point four three dollars ( $0.43)

The growth period has been going on since the spark in prices over the weekends. As of now the upward trend of the prices is labeled to be impulsive. In such a case the horizontal resistance level should be observed closely.

The horizontal resistance level as of now is zero point three dollars ($0.3366). That being said the current trading price of Ripple’s XRP is zero point three two dollars ($0.3294 )

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