Ripple CTO believes cryptocurrencies need mass acceptance

David Schwartz is one of the original architects and the CTO of the Ripple (XRP) network. He recently shared his opinion on why cryptocurrency needs to better market itself to make the general masses more comfortable with using it on day to day basis. He thinks that this is only possible when the technology is improved and becomes even more user-friendly.

He says that the process is more similar to the adoption of the internet. At first, the internet was harder to use for just anyone then it improved, and it was easily usable for anyone with little o no knowledge about how it works

He thinks that the system that leads up to the adoption process is very technical. People face difficulty with establishing a wallet and also during transitions. He believes that Volatility also plays a role in this and can be solved by regulation.

He also revealed in August that XRP is more decentralized than Bitcoin and is hence not under the control of any node or authority.

He further talked about that crypto space is no longer function on the support of reliable platforms. He thinks that such platform like Hash Cash instead strengthens the bond of trust and reliability for Bitcoin and XRP in the crypto community.

He thinks that not having any support of a platform in between the buyer and seller constructs a more secure image and environment for transactions to take place. The whole idea was that a system should exist in which everyone one controls equally, and there is no governing entity.