Riot Games Faces Backlash Over Alleged AI-Plagiarized Art in Wild Rift


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  • Riot Games faces allegations of AI-plagiarized art in Wild Rift, causing concern among the gaming community.
  • Riot’s decision to transition from Summoner names to Riot IDs sparks debate and frustration among players.
  • Maintaining the trust and support of the player base will be crucial for Riot Games as they navigate these controversies.

Riot Games, the developer behind the popular mobile game Wild Rift, is currently embroiled in controversy as fan artists claim their work was plagiarized by an artificial intelligence (AI) system used by the company. This development has further fueled existing concerns within the Wild Rift community about content creation and the esports aspects of the game. In addition to this, Riot Games recently announced changes to its player identification system, transitioning from Summoner names to Riot IDs, which has garnered mixed reactions from players.

Plagiarism allegations shake Wild Rift community

Two years after its launch, Wild Rift has been grappling with maintaining a substantial player base, especially in Western markets. Recently, an artist who is a dedicated Wild Rift fan took to Twitter to expose what they allege to be unauthorized use of their artwork, as well as that of other artists, by Riot Games’ AI system. The artist lamented that their creative work was taken without consent or permission, and they are currently in negotiations with Riot Games to address this issue.

In their tweet, the artist stated, “Another artist’s @古熙丶and my works were plagiarized by AI without authority. Currently, we are still negotiating with officials. Hope this matter can be handled properly ASAP, so as not to let the artists feel uncomfortable while creating fanarts in the future. Thx for ur help!” This revelation has prompted an outpouring of support from fellow Wild Rift fans, with many expressing sympathy for the affected artists and frustration with the situation.

One fan commented, “I’m so sorry this happened to you and I hope it gets fixed soon,” while another exclaimed, “omg it really was AI and they stole it from this talented person ugh.” The community now awaits Riot Games’ response to these allegations and hopes for a resolution that respects the creative rights of the artists involved.

Riot Games’ track record and plagiarism concerns

This incident is not the first time a video game developer has faced accusations of using unauthorized art from fans or other video games. Similar controversies have arisen in the past, underscoring the importance of respecting intellectual property and creative contributions within the gaming community.

Riot’s transition from summoner names to riot IDs sparks debate

In another recent development, Riot Games announced its intention to phase out Summoner names in favor of Riot IDs for players of League of Legends and its other titles. This decision aims to streamline player identification across Riot’s gaming ecosystem and align with the evolving lore of the League of Legends universe. Riot stated that the term “Summoner” is outdated and no longer fits with the game’s narrative.

While this transition might appear relatively minor, it has ignited a debate within the player base. Some players are displeased with the changes, primarily due to their potential impact on the process of changing in-game names. With Riot IDs, players will no longer have the flexibility to alter their names as frequently as they can with Summoner names.

One player expressed frustration, stating, “Losing unique summoner names so anyone can impersonate others because the # won’t be enough sometimes to notice right away, and if you want to change, you can’t use Blue Essence anymore and will have to pay 10$ to change or use the free one THAT HAS 1 YEAR COOLDOWN.” This change raises concerns about impersonation and the added inconvenience for players, who frequently change their in-game identities.

Moreover, some players who eagerly awaited the opportunity to claim their desired Summoner IDs feel disappointed with the impending change. The adjustment to Riot IDs will be implemented on November 20, 2023. Players will have the option to change their Riot ID on that day, but subsequent free changes will be restricted to once a year. Should players wish to alter their names more frequently, they will need to purchase additional name changes for approximately $10 using in-game currency.

The recent allegations of AI-plagiarized art have added to the challenges Riot Games faces in maintaining the Wild Rift player base. The company’s response to these claims will be closely scrutinized by the gaming community. Additionally, the transition from Summoner names to Riot IDs has sparked mixed reactions among League of Legends players, with concerns raised about impersonation and the limitations on changing in-game names.

As Riot Games navigates these controversies, the future of Wild Rift and the League of Legends ecosystem remains uncertain. The gaming community will be watching closely to see how the developer addresses these issues and whether it can regain the trust and support of its dedicated player base.

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