Riddle Solutions Unveiled: Batman’s Triumph in Arkham City’s Industrial District

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In the gritty world of Batman: Arkham City, the caped crusader faces a multitude of challenges, including the enigmatic Riddler’s mind-bending riddles. Among these perplexing conundrums, the Industrial District of Arkham City presents nine unique puzzles for players to decipher.

Riddle 1: An unusual perspective

The first riddle in the Industrial District challenges players to view the North Gotham docks building from an unconventional angle. To solve this enigma, follow these steps:

Locate a tall pillar in the area.

Ascend to the top of the pillar.

Activate Batman’s detective mode.

Face the Wonder Tower across from the pillar.

In detective mode, a green question mark will be highlighted on the Wonder Tower.

Adjust your position to align the dot on the pillar with the question mark on the tower.

Voila! You’ve successfully cracked Riddle 1.

Riddle 2: Talking trash

The next riddle directs your attention to the infamous Falcone family. To unravel this mystery:

Head towards the Gotham City Docks.

After solving the first riddle, find a boat in the vicinity.

Enter the boat and scan the “Falcone Shipping” sign.

With this action, you’ll solve Riddle 2.

Riddle 3: Breaking news!

For the third riddle, players must visit BIu’s Hotdog stand and scan a red newspaper stand. Here’s how to tackle it:

Locate BIu’s Hotdog stand on the street behind the North Gotham Docks.

Approach the stand.

Activate Batman’s detective mode.

Scan the red newspaper stand on the right, displaying an image of Arkham.

You’ve successfully solved Riddle 3.

Riddle 4: Air, sea, or land

This riddle alludes to the importance of using various modes of transport in the Industrial District. Follow these steps to uncover the solution:

Head to the west end of the Industrial District where the Ferris wheel stands.

Below the Ferris wheel, you’ll find a small area leading to Falcone’s warehouse.

Scan the entrance sign that reads “Falcone Warehousing and Storage.”

Riddle 4 is now in your rearview mirror.

Riddle 5: The parasitic pest

To crack this riddle, players need to scan the Otis Flannegan Pest Control poster at the district’s center. Here’s how:

Locate the Otis Flannegan Pest Control poster situated in the heart of the district.

Activate Batman’s detective mode.

Scan the poster.

Congratulations, you’ve solved Riddle 5!

Riddle 6: Zsasz’s threat

For Riddle 6, players must venture to the alleyway leading to Joker’s funhouse in the Industrial District. Follow these steps:

1. Reach the entrance of Joker’s funhouse.

2. Upon entering, turn left.

3. Find an inmate in a leaning position next to a payphone.

4. Scan the inmate to solve Riddle 6.

Riddle 7: Black mask’s escape

To uncover the story of Black Mask’s escape, follow these instructions:

Walk across Joker’s Funhouse towards the end of the Industrial District.

Locate a locked area with Black Mask’s posters plastered on the walls.

Activate Batman’s detective mode and scan the locked gate.

Riddle 7 is now a part of your solved mysteries.

Riddle 8: Special realtor needed

For the eighth riddle, head to Zsasz’s hideout in the Northwest corner of the Industrial District:

Enter Zsasz’s hideout.

Navigate through the main hall.

Find a desk with business cards that read ‘BROKER’ on top.

Instead of taking the cards, initiate a quick scan to complete this Riddler Challenge.

Riddle 9: The cool couple

The final riddle in the Industrial District revolves around Mr. Freeze and his wife, Nora:

Ensure you’ve informed Mr. Freeze about Nora’s condition.

Make your way to Storage Warehouse 5B in the North Gotham Docks.

Scan the tanks of Mr. Freeze and his wife to solve the last riddle for the Industrial District.

With these solutions at your disposal, you are well-equipped to conquer the Industrial District’s Riddler Challenge in Batman: Arkham City. As the Dark Knight, you can now turn your focus to solving other mysteries and restoring peace to the dark and troubled streets of Gotham City.

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