Reviewing CoinStats: The Leading Crypto Tracker on the Market


Are you tired of losing track of your cryptocurrency investments, or just want to find a tool that helps you perform better in the world of trading and investing? If you are deep into the world of crypto, your funds are most likely spread out across different exchanges, hardware and software wallets, DeFi protocols, and even NFTs. 

Managing a cryptocurrency portfolio can be challenging, but a good portfolio tracker can make your life easier. With the right tools, you can keep track of your investments and make informed decisions to help maximize your returns. Additionally, some portfolio trackers have expanded their services to offer a one-stop shop experience to their users. 

Today, we are reviewing a portfolio tracker and manager that managed to stand out from the crowd with its comprehensive product suite — CoinStats

Track All Your Crypto Investments From One Place With CoinStats

Put simply, CoinStats is an all-in-one tool that allows you to track your investments in various cryptocurrencies and provide insights and information that can help you manage your portfolio more effectively.

CoinStats offers numerous services, including: 

  • Web and App versions of the portfolio tracker
  • Wallet
  • Cash-to-crypto gateway
  • Crypto swaps
  • Earn functionality
  • NFT floor price tracking
  • NFT smart alerts (CoinStats Midas)
  • Tax reporting
  • Crypto gift cards
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CoinStats Platform Overview

How Does it All Work?

CoinStats enables you to track your crypto holdings held on wallets and centralized exchanges, DeFi investments, as well as NFT holdings – all in one place. 

While there are several portfolio trackers on the market, only a few offer the functionality of tracking holdings, DeFi investments, and NFTs in one place. This is especially useful for users that don’t just hold their funds in one wallet, but have it spread out across multiple avenues. 

Additionally, you can connect an unlimited number of portfolios, including Binance, MetaMask, Coinbase, and 300 others. The platform offers support to over 1,000 DeFi protocols on 10+ chains. CoinStats will meet all your needs in terms of supported channels, as it has the most integrations on the market.  

CoinStats Portfolio Tracker

The platform also offers its proprietary wallet that gives you full control over your private keys and portfolios. 

CoinStats has recently introduced a cash-to-crypto gateway — a way to fund your wallets with your credit card directly from the platform without ever setting foot on centralized exchanges or other crypto custodians. Alternatively, if you want to send a crypto gift to some of your friends, you can do so by sending them a CoinStats crypto gift card. If you already have some crypto, CoinStats offers crypto swaps that allow you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another in a matter of seconds. 

You can set alerts that will notify you whenever the parameters you have set have been met. CoinStats alerts support numerous parameters, including:

  • Various price limits
  • Market cap
  • Volume
  • Significant price changes
  • Portfolio value changes
  • Various market updates
  • Rewards

Additionally, if you would like to participate in decentralized finance, but you didn’t have the chance to explore countless DeFi protocols and their terms, CoinStats offers its earn functionality. Here, you can choose any of the available protocols, quickly check the terms, and start having your crypto earn more crypto. 

Last but not least, if you are an NFT investor, CoinStats has a couple of interesting features to offer. 

First, there’s NFT floor price tracking, where you can check the NFT prices of all the top collections in real-time. Additionally, you can also track their market cap, volume, number of owners, supply, and other data. 

You can also utilize their proprietary NFT smart alert system called CoinStats Midas. This tool allows you to follow top NFT wallets in real-time. This algorithm works by aggregating NFT buying activity, therefore allowing you to outsmart the market.

CoinStats Swap

CoinStats vs. Other Portfolio Trackers

As we mentioned before, CoinStats is not the only crypto portfolio tracker on the market. However, fierce competition in the space has pushed CoinStats towards improving and adding new features that set it apart from the rest of its competitors. 

We can compare different platforms based on several criteria:

  • Supported assets
  • Supported platforms
  • DeFi support
  • NFT support
  • Additional functionality
  • Automatic wallet sync
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Portfolio Tracker Comparison

Some portfolio trackers support wallets only (like Zerion and Zapper), while others support only CeFi. On the other hand, wallets like CoinMarketCap require manual transaction entry, and while they support a lot of cryptocurrencies, they do not sync with your wallets and accounts. CoinStats manages to handle CeFi, DeFi, and NFTs — all at once. 

Using the CoinStats Wallet: Coins, Swaps, NFTs

Let’s bring you closer to using the CoinStats Wallet app. 

Once you connect your wallet or exchange, you will find everything to be very intuitive and user-friendly. You can navigate through the app and track coins, read news, set alerts, and much more. 

 CoinStats Main Interface

Once you navigate to the portfolio section, you can check the prices, and your specific profit & loss, as well as swap one crypto for another. 

If you are more of an NFT investor, you can check the NFT section of the app, where you can access NFT floor price tracking, NFT alerts, and numerous other functionalities. 

CoinStats NFT Section

In essence, CoinStats covers almost all the requirements a crypto user would need, and has more to offer than its competitors. While not perfect, it is by far the best option on the market at the moment. 

CoinStats Reward System

CoinStats has a permanent rewards program that will allow you to earn Sparks each time you perform a task or refer a friend. You can then exchange your Sparks for a wide array of rewards, including a lifetime premium plan for the platform. 

CoinStats Quests and Rewards

CoinStats Tax Reporting

In order to provide a full-service environment, CoinStats has partnered with CoinLedger and added tax reporting to its list of services. 

CoinStats Tax Report Generation

This means that you can now save additional time and effort, not only by tracking your entire portfolio from CoinStats, but also by generating a full tax report and perhaps saving money with tax-loss harvesting. 
The portfolio tracker currently offers a 10% discount on all tax reports generated.

Is CoinStats Safe?

CoinStats portfolio tracker requires view-only access, meaning they have no control over your funds. When it comes to its wallet, it gives you full control over your private keys, meaning you are safe with it. 

The platform has been audited by Hexens — one of the most prominent and well-known web3 cybersecurity firms. 

While some crypto portfolio trackers and managers have fallen victim to exploits and scams, CoinStats had no security breaches to this day. With all that being said, your funds are secure with CoinStats


CoinStats offers two main plans — free and premium

The free plan allows you to connect up to 10 portfolios and track up to 1,000 transactions. It gives you access to most of the tools provided by the platform. 

On the other hand, the premium plan, which comes with a $2.49 per month price, comes with numerous perks. It allows you to connect unlimited portfolios, and track up to a million transactions, but also access profit/loss analysis, in-depth portfolio analytics, CoinStats Midas, and various additional perks and tools. 

You can check full pricing plan descriptions by heading over to the CoinStats pricing page.

What do Others Say About CoinStats?

Several influential personalities within and outside the crypto space have spoken about CoinStats — let’s see what they have to say about it. 

Kevin Rose, the co-founder of PROOF (creators of Moonbirds) and a partner at True Ventures fund, created a poll for his Twitter community regarding portfolio trackers. Not only did his community vote CoinStats as their favorite, but Rose himself stated that he finds CoinStats to be the best. 

Brian Jung, a financial YouTube personality with over 1.2 million subscribers, spoke about the platform: “Of all portfolio managers on the market, CoinStats supports the most number of wallets and exchanges. It’s really a cool platform that connects all of my portfolios into one place.”

Eddie Moon, another financial YouTuber with close to 300 thousand subscribers, agreed and stated that he uses CoinStats on a daily basis. 

Other influential personalities that use CoinStats include Sebastian Gronewold, Adel De Meyer, Jay Pelle, Max Maher, Cameron Fous, and more. 

Final Word

With all the tools CoinStats offers, you may not need another crypto portfolio management and tracking tool ever again — they are basically covering every aspect of a crypto user’s needs. Check them out by visiting the official CoinStats website, downloading their app, or visiting any of their social media. 

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