Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki makes bold Bitcoin price prediction


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  • Kiyosaki predicts a $150,000 Bitcoin value.
  • Bullish on gold, cautious on silver.
  • SEC tweet controversy adds ETF uncertainty.

In a surprising turn of events, the cryptocurrency world was embroiled in controversy following a security breach of the SEC’s official Twitter account. The breach led to the dissemination of false information regarding approving a Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), prompting swift clarification from SEC Chair Gary Gensler. 

Notably, renowned author Robert Kiyosaki, of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” fame, weighed in on the situation, offering his perspective on Bitcoin’s future value and the state of the precious metals market.

Kiyosaki’s Bitcoin price prediction

Reacting to the SEC’s misstep, Robert Kiyosaki expressed his optimism regarding the potential launch of a Bitcoin ETF. He shared his contentment with having invested in Bitcoin years ago and boldly predicted a substantial surge in the cryptocurrency’s value. 

Kiyosaki’s forecast put Bitcoin on track to reach $150,000 in the near future, underlining his confidence in the digital asset.

Bullish outlook on gold

In addition to his Bitcoin prediction, Kiyosaki also discussed his bullish stance on gold. He attributed this optimism to central banks’ ongoing accumulation and retention of the precious metal. 

While the exact details of his prediction were not specified, Kiyosaki’s endorsement of gold’s value suggests that he views it as a reliable store of wealth in the face of economic uncertainty.

Caution on silver prices

Despite his positive outlook on Bitcoin and gold, Kiyosaki expressed caution regarding silver prices. He anticipated a potential decline in the silver market, primarily driven by sellers liquidating their holdings to meet financial obligations amid rising inflation. 

Despite this potential downturn, Kiyosaki regarded it as an opportunity for “silver stackers” to acquire the metal at a lower price.

Kiyosaki’s previous Bitcoin predictions:

Notably, Robert Kiyosaki had previously made even bolder predictions about Bitcoin’s future value. In the past, he speculated that Bitcoin’s price could skyrocket to an unprecedented $1 million. 

While such forecasts are met with varying degrees of skepticism within the cryptocurrency community, Kiyosaki’s unwavering belief in Bitcoin’s potential remains a point of interest for enthusiasts and investors alike.

Anticipation surrounding Bitcoin ETF Decision

The SEC tweet’s controversy adds an intriguing layer of uncertainty to the ongoing debate regarding approving a Bitcoin ETF. As the crypto industry eagerly awaits a decision, today’s developments have created additional anticipation and speculation. 

The resolution of this saga will undoubtedly have significant implications for the cryptocurrency market and its participants.

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