Razer Launches BlackShark V2 Pro for Console: A Game-Changer for Esports Players

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  • Razer releases BlackShark V2 Pro for Console, offering comfort and performance for PlayStation and Xbox players.
  • Lightweight design with memory foam earcups and adjustable sliders ensures a comfortable fit during long gaming sessions.
  • Immersive audio experience with customizable presets, though some software customization options are lacking.


Now, Razer—a world-famous gaming hardware producer—has launched its own leading gaming headphones model for consoles: the PS5 version of Razer BlackShark V2 Pro for Console. 

This product’s advanced feature is that it emerged in the market as soon as it was available for PS4 and Xbox consoles. The criterion that the Blackshark V2 Pro football headphone must be designed for PlayStation 4 connections and Xbox, which is superior to the other headsets in the market, ensures the players have the best music reproduction and the highest exploitation of acoustic efficiency.

Comfort and performance redefined

It is not an audio measure to have sound comfort for gaming with the second version of the BlackHawk V2 console. A significant 320g ear cushion comes with special memory ear cushions that cut outside sound and help you pursue your sound without disruptions from the outside world. More than that, the neckbands have been made from steel, which is 3.8 times stronger than in other headsets. 

This, in turn, supports even professional players hoping to avoid headaches for long gaming sessions. This is because the buckle of sliders is included in the biggest sliders, without any cores that would stick to the rings. They are just adjustable clasps with various sizes available.

Handphone games are designed with buttons located in the middle of the pad. This means a player can effortlessly interact with the game until it thrills him while his mind is tasked with the next game. 

Since the music we hear is now this and not that, we, in the end, once we curtail forgetting about the original notes and sounds, find out that all the blurred and unclear sounds have become understandable and clear after the application of the Hyperclear Super Wideband Mic has done its job. The USB-C port would, in addition, allow someone to gain communication with his/her computer over other supported functions. 

Nevertheless, awkward-looking hair covering the phone could be a total turn-off to the teenager. Thus, the implication would be assuming that the phone lacks imperfections or is in trouble.

Immersive audio experience

An excellent product for completing the fuzzy area of art, the waterproof 50 mm with a unique titanium build is one of the most recent audacity, which has proved to be a merit to those who love gaming in the extreme gaming categories but enjoy by the others too. Inherently, DTS:X Ultra possesses pre-memorized parametric modes together with game-restrained modes out of this sphere of those games such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Fortnite that are out of others’ control, where music customization becomes desired. 

Here, the headphones give the client an advantage as they are also manufactured to run on multiple different OSs. However, that may be the weakness of that hack: 3D sound is not an option in this service, and users will not have a chance to find out how to use PS5´s 3D sound function, if it even has one.

Other than playing the role of the Batman Detective with an outstanding performance, the third fascinating item costs USD 199 but provides many player-friendly features during gaming and is cross-compatible with any platform (PC, PS4, Xbox One). The hand that stays on one hand cares about all the essences because it ensures everything goes as tem)(it and music are the best. 

Another issue is that some graphic users may not find it easy to set the options (the audio method), for example. On the other hand, people can say that the mentioned console has a great visual and straightforward function—in fact, it gives a good gaming experience. Still, it has a compact and durable design because gyroscopic functions enable it to capture tempo.

The verdict

The special feature in this Razer BlackShark V2 Pro that unlocks the development for the console is the utmost comfort. Therefore, it is the priority for the users to have all the tools they need to create amazing game experiences. This product may be user-friendly and offer unparalleled sound quality. Still, the preference from gamers who are thrilled to stand out or, on the other hand, have an advantage over other gamers could contribute to most gamers buying it. 

These mixed-up headsets, however, might encounter some problems with software veritably, which limits the customization, and some faulty functions as well on the console features, but generally speaking, all drawbacks of these miracles are insignificantly able to overcome all existing products belonging in this price tag. As to either having it on a pro level like in esports or as a casual player, once you buy this headset, you only need to go the mile to satisfy all your purposes in such a way that you will elevate your gameplay to the point that it will no longer be doubtful.

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