Ramp Innovates Crypto Onboarding in Brazil with ID-Free KYC Initiative


  • Ramp introduces an innovative ID-free KYC process in Brazil, making cryptocurrency access easier by requiring only a tax ID number and a selfie.
  • This initiative aims to expand the crypto user base, aligning with Ramp’s strategic goal of fostering digital currency adoption worldwide.

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency market in Brazil, Ramp, a prominent crypto payments firm, is embarking on an innovative initiative designed to streamline the onboarding process for new users interested in buying and selling digital currencies. 

The move is poised to revolutionize the way consumers interact with digital assets by simplifying the know-your-customer (KYC) procedures, a change initially being rolled out in Brazil. 

Ramp’s revolutionary ID-Free onboarding

the firm’s latest initiative marks a substantial evolution in its KYC policy, aiming to significantly reduce the barriers to entry for prospective cryptocurrency users. Traditionally, the onboarding process in the crypto world has been cumbersome, requiring users to submit various documents, including a high-quality photo of their government ID. Ramp’s innovative approach, however, simplifies the process to just two steps: providing a tax identification number and a selfie. By eliminating the need for a government ID photo, Ramp believes it can attract a larger number of users, thereby fostering greater inclusion within the digital economy.

The simplified KYC procedure is not only a boon for users but also aligns with Ramp’s strategic integrations with leading platforms such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, BitPay, and Sorare. The ease of onboarding is expected to enhance user experience across these platforms, making digital asset transactions more accessible to a broader audience. Ramp’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jose Jimenez-Mancha, emphasizes the role of document-free KYC in driving mass adoption of digital currencies, stating, “By reducing barriers to entry, document-free KYC can play a pivotal role in driving the mass adoption of digital currencies.”

Strategic expansion in Brazil and beyond

Ramp’s decision to launch its ID-free onboarding service in Brazil is strategic, tapping into South America’s largest economy and a burgeoning market for digital currencies. With a population exceeding 200 million, Brazil represents a significant opportunity for Ramp to expand its user base and influence in the crypto space. The initiative follows Ramp’s integration with Pix, Brazil’s national digital payment platform, in September last year. Pix’s widespread adoption among Brazilians for purchasing goods and sending money via a smartphone app underscores the potential for Ramp’s simplified onboarding process to resonate with a tech-savvy population keen on embracing digital financial solutions.

Jimenez-Mancha reveals that the launch in Brazil is just the beginning, with plans to roll out the document-free KYC service to other territories throughout 2024. The global expansion strategy signifies Ramp’s commitment to making cryptocurrency transactions more accessible worldwide, potentially setting a new standard for KYC procedures in the digital asset industry.

The future of KYC in Crypto: Balancing accessibility and security

While Ramp’s innovative approach to KYC significantly lowers the barrier to entry for new users, it also raises questions about the efficacy of due diligence in the crypto space. Ramp’s strategy involves collaborating with a third-party service provider to perform the necessary checks, ensuring that its KYC protocols remain robust without direct government intervention. The model of leveraging third-party services for verification purposes could herald a new era in crypto onboarding, where efficiency and user experience are prioritized without compromising security.

The initiative also reflects a broader trend in the financial technology sector towards simplifying user verification processes while adhering to regulatory standards. As digital currencies continue to gain mainstream acceptance, the balance between accessibility and security will become increasingly critical. Ramp’s experiment in Brazil could provide valuable insights into how crypto firms can navigate these challenges, offering a blueprint for combining innovation with responsibility in the digital age.


Ramp’s introduction of ID-free onboarding in Brazil represents a significant milestone in the crypto industry’s efforts to broaden its appeal and foster financial inclusion. By simplifying the KYC process, Ramp is not only making it easier for individuals to participate in the digital economy but also setting the stage for the next wave of crypto adoption. As the initiative rolls out in Brazil and eventually other markets, it will be interesting to observe its impact on the crypto landscape and whether it will inspire similar innovations across the sector.

With a $70 million Series B funding round under its belt and a valuation of at least $450 million, Ramp is well-positioned to lead the charge. As the company continues to break down barriers and democratize access to digital assets, its efforts could significantly influence the trajectory of cryptocurrency adoption globally. The journey of Ramp and its ID-free onboarding initiative in Brazil and beyond will undoubtedly be a development to watch in the coming years, as it seeks to redefine the intersection of technology, finance, and regulatory compliance in the digital age.

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