$ 1,220.92 2.73%
$ 42.01 4.71%
$ 0.067998 2.23%
$ 4.55 0.92%
$ 21,399.00 1.05%
$ 238.50 0.70%

Quant QNT price prediction for 2019

quant qnt price prediction 2019

Quant QNT price prediction is rather scarce since the currency is not a major cryptocurrency as of yet, however, we have just the thing for our readers. However, it is one of the currencies that move irrespective of Bitcoin movement.

Quant Project’s main objective is the Quant Network that employs an operating system for automation of trust functions between numerous blockchains. The project has partnered with many significant partnerships including Amazon, Oracle, Nvidia Corporation, Web Services and more recently AX Trading.

This new partnership was reached on 18th August 2019, the main goal of this partnership was to enable the “Interoperable and Regulatory-Compliant Digital Assets and Security Tokens in Capital Markets and Exchange Infrastructure” by Quant technology’s integration into the AX trading network.

The network utilizes its own tokens known as QNT. The main role of these tokens is to provide access apps in the Quant platform.

In September 2019, the circulating supply of about over twelve million (12,072,738) QNT in the circulation out of the over fourteen and a half million (14,612,493) total supply. In addition, QNT tokens have a market cap of over seventy-seven and a half million dollars ($77,528,138) while ranking at 59th position. This year, it was listed on numerous exchanges.

So, let’s let have a look at the Quant QNT price action from its beginning, perform quantitative analysis and predict the prices for 2019’s end.

Quant QNT price: Significant Highs and Lows

Highs Lows
$5.02 – 24th October 2018 $0.69 – 24th November 2018
$5.86 – 10th February 2019 $1.68 – 10th May 2019
$15.59 – 9th July 2019 $4.96 – 1st September 2019

Since the launch of QNT in October 2018, there has been constant movement in the price of QNT. The strong support area at five dollars ($5) instantly pops up.

Quant QNT price chartQuant QNT price chart by Trading View

Earlier, this area operated as resistance till July of this year. Then breaking out finally, the price regained and it was validated as support on September. Each time the price came close to the resistance line, it has not reached it without falling to support.

In the upcoming Quant QNT price predictions, this is assumed that this trend will continue.

Quant QNT price prediction for 2019 1

Quant QNT price chart by Trading View

For about three hundred and eighty-seven (378) days price has been trading and it increased up to one thousand two hundred and forty-eight percent (1248%).

So, to measure the average increase rate, the increase rate and time period from the start of the channel till the times of price reaching resistance and support line will be measured.

On 24th October 2018, the resistance line was first reached by the price; this event happened after fifty days and marked an increase of about six hundred and ninety-five percent (695%).

QNT touched the support line for the first time on 24th November 2018. This happened after eighty-one days and an increase of fifty-two percent (52%) was marked. Amount to an average increase of 0.64 %.

QNT price touched the resistance line for the second time on 9th July 2019. This happened after three hundred and eight days and an increase of three thousand two hundred and sixty-two percent (3262%) was marked. An average increase of a little over ten percent (10.5%) each day.

Lastly, the support line was touched second time on 10th May 2019. This happened after two hundred and forty-eight (248) days and two hundred and sixty-three percent (263%) increase marked. About a little over one percent (1.06%) of an average increase each day.

Quant QNT price chart

Quant QNT price chart by Trading View

By using the same ration, we get the price on 31st December to be a little over sixteen dollars ($16.2).

Quant price prediction in 2019

The price prediction of QNT at the 2019’s end is a little over sixteen dollars ($16.2).

quant price chart1

Quant QNT price chart by Trading View

It is highly likely that Quant QNT price will decrease in October, probably reaching the support line, before being able to initiate an upward movement.

Johnson Go

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