Pyth Network’s Strategic Entry into Lyve Finance DAO

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  • Strategic Board Membership: Pyth Network has joined the Lyve Finance DAO as a board member, marking a significant collaboration within the Linea ecosystem and enhancing the governance of the stablecoin project.
  • Influential Stake and Governance Role: Pyth Network will receive 3% of the total LYVE supply, locked for six months, signifying a long-term investment and trust in the project. Additionally, they will actively participate in the governance and future direction of the Lyve protocol.




Pyth Network has officially become a board member of the Lyve Finance DAO. The alliance within the Linea ecosystem, particularly focusing on the stablecoin project, is poised to reshape the dynamics of digital currency governance and collaboration. Pyth Network’s entry into the Lyve DAO signifies not just a partnership but a fusion of expertise and vision, setting a new precedent in the world of decentralized finance.

The inclusion of Pyth Network in the Lyve Finance DAO board is more than a mere formality; it represents a deep commitment to the growth and stability of the Linea ecosystem. By bringing its extensive experience and technical prowess to the table, Pyth Network is expected to play a role in steering the Lyve Finance project towards innovation and success. The partnership is a clear indication of the evolving nature of cryptocurrency collaborations, where synergy and shared goals are key drivers of progress.

Pyth network’s stake in Lyve finance

As part of its new role in the Lyve Finance DAO, Pyth Network is set to receive a considerable portion of the LYVE supply, amounting to 3% of the total tokens. The allocation is not just a financial investment but a symbol of trust and long-term commitment to the Lyve Finance project. The decision to lock these tokens for at least six months further emphasizes Pyth Network’s confidence in the project’s future and its dedication to the stability and growth of the Lyve protocol.

The significant token allocation to Pyth Network has broader implications for the Lyve Finance ecosystem. It represents a shift in the power dynamics within the DAO, granting Pyth Network a substantial stake in the project’s future. The move is expected to bring a new level of expertise and insight to the governance of Lyve Finance, potentially leading to more informed decision-making and innovative strategies that could benefit the entire ecosystem.

Active participation in governance and future direction

Beyond the financial stake,The company’s role in the Lyve DAO extends to active participation in the governance of the Lyve protocol. The involvement is a critical aspect of their membership, as it allows Pyth Network to directly influence the strategic direction and decision-making processes of the Lyve Finance project. Their expertise in the field of digital currencies is expected to bring valuable insights and perspectives to the table, enhancing the governance structure of the DAO.

Pyth Network’s active role in governance is not just about guiding the Lyve Finance project but also about contributing to the broader decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. Their participation signifies a commitment to the principles of decentralization and collaborative development. As a board member, Pyth Network will have the opportunity to shape policies and strategies that could have far-reaching effects on the DeFi sector, potentially leading to more robust, efficient, and user-friendly decentralized financial services.


The integration of Pyth Network into the Lyve Finance DAO as a board member marks a new chapter in the evolution of decentralized finance. The partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision in the cryptocurrency world. As Pyth Network embarks on the journey with Lyve Finance, the entire digital currency community watches with keen interest, anticipating the innovative developments and growth the alliance will bring to the Linea ecosystem and the wider DeFi space.

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