PwC Venezuela twitter hacked to host a fake giveaway

PwC Venezuela
TL;DR Breakdown
  • PwC Venezuela Twitter account hacked
  • The hacker has consistently posted fake links
  • Analysts warn traders against following the link

The Twitter account of PwC Venezuela has been breached with the malicious actors behind the hack posting links. According to several sources, the hacker has been consistently posting these links, which are suspected to be phishing links. The original links show a big event that is about to occur with Ripple token XRP. With the link consistent over the last few hours, all things point to the officials in charge of the PwC Venezuela account not being aware of it.

PwC Venezuela account posted fake links

Traders and investors that follow the link are open to significant risks as they are open to being defrauded by the persistent hacker. Should the officials in charge of the account not act swiftly, it could spell catastrophic doom for the company. Presently, the account boasts more than 35,000 followers, a number considered enough to spread these fake links.

Although the hack has been ongoing for some hours now, there has been widespread talk among users on Twitter. While some have questioned the legality of the information, others have moved to dismiss it. With the company not yet knowing about this, everything shows that they have been locked out of the account and may be trying to gain access to the account.

Analysts warn traders against following the link

The issue of hacking in the crypto market has been something that has occurred frequently over the last few months. Some weeks ago, a Brazilian exchange BlueBenx announced that its platform was breached. In its statement, the exchange noted that the hacker made away with more than $32 million in the equivalent of the country’s currency. Following the hack, the platform halted operations, with more than 20,000 users denied entry and access to their accounts and funds.

Following the official statement, there was a consensus among the users that the platform was not to be trusted. This is because most of them feel that the story behind the hack was not convincing enough. The statement shows that investors are generally losing trust in crypto exchanges and related platforms in the wake of claims of hacks. This PwC Venezuela hack also shows a nonchalant attitude by those in charge of the account. However, analysts have warned traders of the risks of following the link and entering their personal or wallet information.

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