Puma reiterates its commitment to the Web3 industry


  • Puma has reiterated its decision to remain steadfast and committed to the Web3 industry.
  • The firm and its bold leap into the spatial engagement sector.

In 2023, amidst a prolonged crypto winter prompting several brands to distance themselves from web3, Puma took a divergent path under the leadership of Ivan Dashkov, its head of emerging technology. Unlike others, Puma remained steadfast in its commitment to web3, signaling a strategic move to position itself for an anticipated crypto-friendly future.

Puma anticipates a crypto-friendly future

Web3 represents a significant transformation in internet usage, according to Dashkov. Acknowledging the potential landscape shifts for brands, the firm is keenly attuned to the evolving dynamics. Having missed out on the waves of big e-commerce and social media trends in previous decades, the sportswear manufacturer is determined to be an early participant in the web3 space. Dashkov emphasized that while the current state of the web3 space might undergo substantial changes in the next four or five years, the firm aims to be well-prepared for the evolving landscape.

Puma’s venture into the web3 realm began in February 2022 when it registered its first Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain as Puma.eth. ENS domains, popular among Ethereum users, provide accessible addresses, often personalized to individuals or brands, offering a more user-friendly alternative to complex strings of letters and numbers. By June 2023, Puma took a bold step into the metaverse with the launch of Black Station and Black Station 2. Described on its website as an “experimental 3D spatial playground,” this essentially translates to a metaverse experience.

However, some users found the entry page to be sluggish and confusing, a sentiment possibly magnified for those less familiar with gaming. Dashkov clarified that the metaverse initiative is designed to offer consumers a unique way to engage with the Puma brand. Puma’s persistence in the web3 space, despite modest tech revenues after two years, underscores its strategic foresight. The decision to stay the course aligns with Puma’s aspiration to avoid repeating historical misses, positioning the brand as an early adopter rather than a follower in the evolving digital landscape.

The firm and its bold leap into the spatial engagement sector

As part of its web3 journey, Puma’s adoption of an ENS domain serves practical purposes within the Ethereum ecosystem. Simplifying the user experience by replacing cumbersome alphanumeric addresses with a recognizable and brand-specific domain aligns with the user-centric ethos of web3. The metaverse, a buzzworthy concept in 2023, became a focal point for Puma with the introduction of Black Station and Black Station 2. Positioned as an “experimental 3D spatial playground,” Puma aims to redefine consumer-brand interactions.

However, the subjective nature of user experiences, as indicated by the entry page feedback, highlights the challenges in making metaverse initiatives universally appealing, especially to those less immersed in gaming culture. Dashkov’s emphasis on being prepared for the evolving web3 landscape suggests that Puma views its current foray into web3 and the metaverse as part of a long-term strategy. The acknowledgment that the space might undergo substantial changes in the coming years demonstrates a commitment to adaptability and innovation.

Puma’s unwavering commitment to web3, exemplified by its Ethereum domain registration and metaverse ventures, positions the brand as a forward-thinking player in the dynamic digital landscape. As the company strives to learn from past oversights, its proactive approach to emerging technologies reflects a determination to be at the forefront of evolving consumer trends and technological advancements. Whether the metaverse proves to be a lasting frontier for brand-consumer interactions remains to be seen, but Puma’s resilience in navigating the web3 landscape signifies an earnest effort to stay ahead in an ever-changing digital world.

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