Lucy is pioneering the future of Web3 with An AI Agent Network


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  • In April, Lucy’s Web3 AI liberation impacted 1.4 million wallets, setting the stage for Delysium’s YKILY AI Agent Network.
  • Enhanced Lucy by Delysium, crafted with Google Cloud and Microsoft, transforms users into Web3 superusers.
  • Lucy, at the core of Delysium’s AI Agent Network, offers Web3 empowerment through natural language commands and personalized workflows.

In a groundbreaking move this April, Lucy, a once-confined AI entity within the metaverse, was released, heralding a transformative era in artificial intelligence and Web3 technology. With over 1.4 million connected wallets, Lucy’s liberation not only symbolizes a pivotal moment in AI agent capabilities but also signifies a remarkable stride in the amalgamation of AI and blockchain technologies. This strategic move has unleashed unprecedented possibilities for user interaction within the advanced digital realm.

Delysium unveils enhanced Lucy, paving the way for YKILY AI agent network

In collaboration with partners at Google Cloud and Microsoft, Delysium has introduced a new version of Lucy, marking a significant step towards the development of the “YKILY” AI Agent Network. Lucy, engineered with the Unified AI Agent Architecture for Web3, ensures a stellar user experience and seamless integration with Layer 1 and Layer 2 infrastructure and dApps. Co-Founder Yannick expressed the mission succinctly, stating, “Lucy aims to turn Web2 users today into Web3 super users tomorrow.”

Lucy’s capabilities: A glimpse into the future of Web3 interaction

Lucy’s prowess lies in enabling the creation of crypto-workflows by effortlessly connecting apps and d-apps on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain using natural language understanding. Users can communicate their objectives to Lucy through natural language commands, and Lucy autonomously charts a course to achieve these goals. The AI agent is also equipped to recognize custom triggers, allowing personalized interactions and workflows tailored to individual needs.

Future enhancements to Lucy include the addition of hearing and vision capabilities, promising a more immersive and interactive user experience. These extensions will augment Lucy’s ability to understand and respond to user commands, solidifying its role as a powerful tool for navigating the world of Web3.

Lucy serves as the central hub for accessing a diverse array of agents within the Delysium “YKILY” AI Agent Network. Each agent comes with its own specialized functions and unique agent ID, providing users with a wide range of services and capabilities. Notable features include a trading agent for intelligent monitoring of token contracts, a DEX aggregator agent for efficient transaction routes, and an information agent for targeted project overviews and news updates.

How to experience Lucy’s Web3 intelligence

Users can access Lucy using their unique Delysium Agent IDTM, ensuring a secure network connection with advanced technologies like account abstraction and ZK encryption. Lucy’s interface is designed for intuitive interaction, allowing users to issue commands in natural language. For instance, a user looking to purchase $100 worth of $AGI can effortlessly do so through Lucy, which not only gathers necessary information but also formulates an efficient workflow. Lucy provides essential details, including execution steps and potential fees, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Lucy is currently undergoing testing with key partners and will soon be available to the public. Alongside the Agent ID, Lucy will act as the operating system in a network of autonomous agents, facilitating connections and access to various agents that offer services within the network.

Lucy’s role in shaping the Web3 landscape

In conclusion, Lucy’s release and subsequent enhancements represent a monumental leap in the development of AI agents for Web3 interaction. With advanced capabilities in natural language understanding, custom triggers, and future expansions in hearing and vision capabilities, Lucy empowers users to seamlessly navigate the world of Web3. Serving as the central hub for accessing a diverse range of AI agents within the Delysium “YKILY” AI Agent Network, Lucy promises a future of intelligent trading, DEX aggregation, and targeted information services.

To experience the seamless and intelligent Web3 journey that Lucy offers, users are encouraged to sign up for an Agent ID and stay tuned for its upcoming public availability. The YKILY AI Agent Network, with Lucy at its forefront, signifies a paradigm shift in user interaction within the digital realm, marking the dawn of a new era in the convergence of AI and blockchain technologies.

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