Publishers Association Urges UK IP Law Reinforcement Before Global AI Summit


  • Publishers Association writes to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ahead of the Global Summit on AI, advocating for strong IP protection in AI training.
  • Request emphasizes transparent and consent-based AI system training, with fair compensation for content creators.
  • The forthcoming global summit seeks international cooperation to mitigate AI risks, including frontier systems.

The Publishers Association has taken a proactive stance by addressing a letter to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, highlighting the significance of safeguarding intellectual property (IP) rights within the context of AI training. The letter, penned by Chief Executive Dan Conway, underscores the need for a robust statement from the government regarding the adherence to UK IP law during the training of AI systems. This appeal comes in anticipation of the Global Summit on AI, scheduled for this autumn, and underscores the publishers’ commitment to maintaining fair compensation and credit for content creators amidst the evolving AI landscape.

Upholding UK IP Law while advocating AI training protection

In a bid to shape the discourse surrounding AI ethics and intellectual property, the Publishers Association has taken a proactive step to engage with the highest echelons of the UK government. The letter, addressed not only to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak but also to key figures such as Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport Lucy Frazer, Minister for Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Viscount Camrose, and Intellectual Property Office CEO Adam Williams, underscores the collective concern of the industry.

The letter articulates the stance that the training of AI systems should occur transparently, with consent from the content creators or IP rights-holders. This transparent approach, the letter posits, should extend to crediting creators and fairly compensating them through licensing agreements.

Louis Coiffait-Gunn, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the Publishers Association, noted that the organization has been in close liaison with various governmental bodies concerning the intricate relationship between AI and copyright. The association’s engagement with the government spans discussions on AI regulation and its implications for the creative industries, including publishing. The letter strategically aligns with this ongoing dialogue, placing IP protection at the heart of AI regulatory considerations.

Global Summit on AI governance

The upcoming Global Summit on AI, set to take place at Bletchley Park on November 1st and 2nd, holds significant promise as a pivotal forum for international cooperation on AI ethics and governance. The summit’s announcement was catalyzed by a meeting between Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden, reflecting the global recognition of AI’s transformative impact. Positioned as the first of its kind, the summit will tackle the multifaceted risks associated with AI, including frontier systems, and seek avenues for collaborative action to mitigate these risks. International consensus and shared strategies are expected to form the crux of this unprecedented gathering.

Advocacy for a balanced AI ecosystem

Dan Conway’s letter underlines that the growth potential of both the creative and tech sectors is optimally realized when pursued as equal partners. This sentiment echoes the broader industry sentiment that an equilibrium between AI-driven advancements and creators’ rights is essential. The dialogue surrounding AI regulation and IP protection is not new to the Publishers Association; in response to the government’s AI white paper earlier this year, Conway emphasized that IP should occupy a central position in AI regulatory discussions.

This advocacy highlights the imperative for AI systems, particularly large-language models (LLMs), to adhere to existing laws and seek proper licensing for copyrighted content. Such adherence to ethical practices, the letter argues, leads to the creation of better AI systems, in line with the government’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and safety.

As the stage is set for the Global Summit on AI, the Publishers Association’s call for a strong statement on IP protection within AI training resonates with the ongoing efforts to strike a balance between technological advancement and the preservation of intellectual property rights. In an era of rapid AI evolution, the industry’s proactive stance is a testament to its commitment to fostering a responsible and equitable AI ecosystem.

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