Pro-XRP advocate outlines Ripple’s path to victory against the SEC



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  • John Deaton predicts a 2-5 year period of stability if the SEC wins the lawsuit against Ripple.
  • Deaton firmly believes Ripple will appeal to the Supreme Court and ultimately prevail.
  • The recovery of funds could be significantly delayed if Ripple loses the appeal to the SEC.

John Deaton, a prominent advocate representing about 75,000 Ripple (XRP) investors, has provided an optimistic outlook regarding the ongoing SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit. Deaton, known for his valuable updates on the case, foresees a period of stability ranging from two to five years following a potential SEC victory. However, he firmly believes that Ripple will file an appeal with the Supreme Court and ultimately emerge triumphant.

Although the recovery of funds may be delayed if Ripple loses its appeal to the SEC, Deaton asserts that it could be years before any substantial restitution occurs. Nevertheless, should the Supreme Court choose to review the matter, Deaton confidently predicts that Ripple will prevail. Conversely, if the SEC succeeds in their appeal, the current status quo will persist for another two to five years.

To effectively locate XRP holders, inclusion in the top 75,000 list proves instrumental. It is crucial to note that joining this list does not compromise legal protections or impede the possibility of financial compensation. Addressing any skepticism surrounding the civil lawsuit’s consequences, Deaton highlights that the SEC stands to gain the most financially, making it an attractive alternative. Inclusion on the list preserves all rights while facilitating the discovery of future claims.

In Deaton’s expert opinion, Ripple is the clear winner in the current Supreme Court landscape. However, in the event of an SEC victory, Ripple will undoubtedly pursue an appeal, thus prolonging the status quo for at least the next two to five years.

Furthermore, should the SEC prevail and the civil case attorneys secure a win by adopting Judge Torres’ order in California, Ripple will challenge both rulings. This process could span several years.

It is important to emphasize that if a trial court and the Court of Appeals disagreed with Deaton’s assessment of an asset’s security classification, he would not face legal repercussions for any inaccuracies.

Additionally, in the unlikely scenario that the SEC or a civil case compels XRP holders to sell their shares to Ripple, being on the list does not preclude them from doing so. Deaton firmly dismisses contrary notions, asserting that such beliefs are rooted in a fantasy world.

John Deaton’s insights offer a ray of hope for XRP investors. With his foresight and unwavering optimism, he sheds light on potential outcomes while assuring XRP holders that their rights and interests remain protected. The path ahead may have hurdles, but Deaton’s steadfast belief in Ripple’s ultimate success encourages the XRP community.

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