Prioritize IT Foundations Before Embracing AI, Experts Urge


  • Digital leaders stress the importance of solid IT foundations before venturing into AI and data innovation.
  • Security integration into tools and the early involvement of experts are crucial for long-term data security.
  • Clear vision and step-by-step approach recommended for AI and data initiatives.

Digital leaders should prioritize the establishment of strong and scalable IT foundations before delving into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data-driven innovations. This consensus emerged from an expert panel discussion at the recent BMC Connect event in London, where the significance of AI and data took center stage. Three IT leaders shared their insights on how organizations can leverage existing technology assets while preparing for future digital innovation endeavors.

Lucy Murray Brown’s emphasis on the digital backbone

Lucy Murray Brown, Head of Operational Service at the Ministry of Defence (MoD), emphasized the critical role of a robust digital backbone that underpins operational processes. The MoD, responsible for supporting numerous military operations worldwide with 230,000 users across 1,200 sites, places a strong emphasis on security due to the sensitive nature of its operations.

Murray Brown stressed the alignment of security and service management within the MoD. The organization has invested in insourcing systems integration to maintain control over operational processes and ensure that suppliers meet required standards. This approach has empowered the MoD to have a greater understanding of its extensive IT estate.

While recognizing the potential of AI, Murray Brown underscored the importance of establishing strong IT fundamentals and data management as prerequisites for successful innovation, advising organizations to focus on the basics before venturing into advanced technologies.

John Eccleshare insights on security

John Eccleshare, Head of Information Security at bet365, discussed the challenges faced in the realm of information security. He emphasized the significance of honesty in addressing security concerns and the role of emerging technology in embedding security into tools seamlessly.

Eccleshare highlighted the transformational impact of technology, particularly the integration of security into tools through solutions like BMC’s Helix operations management platform. This approach provides clarity on software ownership, vulnerabilities, and risks, a critical aspect as new Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules are set to come into effect in 2024.

Eccleshare advocated for the involvement of security experts from the outset of AI projects, emphasizing that security should be integrated into the fabric of teams and processes to enhance data security in the long term.

Glen foster’s perspective on innovation

Glen Foster, Head of Service Delivery at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, recounted the organization’s journey toward innovation. The Trust aimed to streamline service management processes, reducing onboarding time for new users from 12 hours to just five minutes, with the help of BMC.

Foster also shared an example of how emerging technology, specifically AI and data, is used to enhance risk assessment for surgical procedures. By leveraging machine learning and data analytics, the clinical team has improved the accuracy of risk assessments and provided comprehensive explanations for identified risk factors.

Foster advised digital and business leaders to have a clear vision of their desired outcomes when considering AI and data initiatives. He stressed the importance of focusing on achievable objectives rather than getting distracted by the allure of technology, encouraging a step-by-step approach to innovation.

The consensus among these IT leaders is clear: before organizations embark on their AI and data-driven journeys, it is imperative to establish reliable and scalable IT foundations. These foundations encompass aspects of service management, security, and data management. By addressing these fundamentals, organizations can set the stage for successful digital innovation, ensuring that emerging technologies like AI are embraced in the right areas at the right time. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, a well-structured approach to technology adoption can make all the difference in achieving sustainable innovation.

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