Princeton University Selects Fei-Fei Li’s “The Worlds I See” for Class of 2028 Pre-Read


  • Princeton picks Fei-Fei Li’s “The Worlds I See” for freshmen to learn about AI and her immigrant journey.
  • Li’s book blends her personal story with AI insights, reflecting on challenges and opportunities.
  • She advocates for ethical AI, urging universities and policymakers to prioritize responsible development.

Princeton University has announced its selection for the Pre-Read program aimed at introducing the incoming Class of 2028 to the institution’s intellectual ethos. This year’s chosen book is “The Worlds I See” by Fei-Fei Li ’99, a prominent figure in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science. The decision comes amidst a heightened focus on AI both within the university and globally.

Fei-Fei Li, the first Sequoia Capital Professor in Computer Science at Stanford University, has been recognized for her significant contributions to AI research. She co-directs Stanford’s Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute and was listed in the 2023 TIME100 for her influence in the AI domain. Li’s memoir, “The Worlds I See,” offers a unique perspective, blending personal experiences as an immigrant and a researcher in the AI landscape.

In her memoir, Li reflects on her journey as a Chinese immigrant and a student at Princeton, highlighting the challenges she encountered and the opportunities she embraced. Despite initial intentions to write solely about AI, Li’s philosopher friend encouraged her to infuse her narrative into the book, making it relatable to a broader audience beyond technologists.

Princeton’s embrace of AI

The selection of Li’s book aligns with Princeton University’s recent AI research and development initiatives. Establishing the Princeton Language and Intelligence Initiative (PLI) and plans for an AI hub in New Jersey demonstrate the institution’s commitment to advancing AI technologies while considering ethical implications.

Beyond academia, Fei-Fei Li advocates for the responsible development and governance of AI technologies. She emphasizes the importance of adequately resourcing universities to address the societal impacts of AI advancements. Li’s involvement extends to national policymaking, as she supports the CREATE AI Act to establish a National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource.

A call for ethical AI leadership

Li emphasizes the human aspect of AI, emphasizing that it is created, deployed, and governed by humans. She underscores the need for ethical considerations and public accountability in developing and deploying AI technologies. For Li, Princeton’s motto, “In the nation’s service and the service of humanity,” is a guiding principle in her work.

Fei-Fei Li’s selection for Princeton University’s Pre-Read program underscores the institution’s commitment to fostering intellectual exploration and engaging with pressing societal issues such as AI. Through her memoir, Li offers not only insights into the future of AI but also a deeply personal narrative that resonates with readers from diverse backgrounds. As Princeton continues to navigate the evolving landscape of AI, Li’s perspectives catalyze meaningful dialogue and action in the pursuit of ethical AI development and governance.

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