Introducing Pre-Funded Xumm Tangem Cards: A Gateway to the XRP Ledger


  • Xumm Tangem cards simplify entry into cryptocurrency by providing pre-funded, easy-to-use cards that eliminate the complexities of account activations on the XRPL.
  • These cards offer a seamless way for both newcomers and existing users to explore the XRPL, making it easier to gift, trade, and engage with decentralized finance.

The cryptocurrency world is welcoming a game-changing innovation with the introduction of pre-funded Xumm Tangem cards, designed to simplify the experience on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) for newcomers. These cards are set to eliminate the usual complexities associated with blockchain technologies, such as account activations and reserves, offering a more accessible entry point into the world of digital finance.

The development is particularly aimed at easing the onboarding process for new users. By removing initial barriers like the need to purchase XRP for account activation, the pre-funded Xumm Tangem cards provide a seamless start for anyone looking to explore the XRPL. With these cards, stepping into the realm of self-custody and cryptocurrency transactions becomes effortless and straightforward.

Easing the Entry into Cryptocurrency with Xumm Tangem Cards

The primary goal of these pre-funded Xumm Tangem cards is to simplify the initial steps that often deter new users from exploring the world of cryptocurrencies. Purchasing XRP to activate accounts on platforms like Xumm can be a daunting task for beginners. However, these new cards come pre-loaded with a specific amount of XRP linked to their serial number, making the onboarding process much smoother. Upon their first use, the cards generate an r-address. They are ready for immediate action on the XRPL, allowing users to delve into trust lines, trades, and the broader ecosystem without the usual initial hurdles.

The potential of these cards goes beyond personal use. They present an opportunity for existing users to introduce their friends and family to the XRPL in a user-friendly manner. Gifting these cards on special occasions can be a unique way to invite loved ones into the exciting world of decentralized finance and self-custody, offering them a taste of the future of finance without the typical complexities.

User-friendly setup and enhanced security

Setting up the Xumm Tangem Cards is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. Utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the card activates with a simple touch against an NFC-enabled smartphone. The XUMM app then guides the user through a straightforward account creation and verification process. Once set up, the user’s new XRP Ledger account is ready for immediate use, with the pre-funded XRP available for various transactions, including dealing with assets and NFTs.

In terms of security, the Xumm Tangem Cards offer a robust solution. The private keys are securely encrypted within the card itself, and transactions are signed in a secure environment, ensuring that sensitive information remains confined to the card. The setup provides a perfect blend of convenience and security, with the Xumm app facilitating the transaction process while the card handles the signing.

Additionally, for those concerned about losing their card, the Xumm app includes a “Tangem Backup” feature. The feature allows users to manually set up a secondary card as a backup, ensuring that their assets are always safe and accessible.

The future with Xaman: A new chapter

The introduction of the pre-funded Xumm Tangem cards is not the only exciting development. There is also a significant rebranding underway, transitioning from Xumm to Xaman. The change is more than just a new name; it represents the evolution of XRPL Labs and Xumm from a lab concept to a significant player in the XRPL ecosystem. The new name, Xaman, inspired by the Mayan god of commerce and trade, reflects the company’s ambitious vision to bridge the gap between retail and crypto.

The rebranding is aligned with the company’s goal to make the XRPL more accessible and user-friendly. The pre-funded Xumm Tangem cards are a testament to the commitment, offering a practical and secure way for individuals to engage with the XRPL. These cards not only simplify the process of getting started with cryptocurrencies but also provide a tangible means for more people to explore and understand the potential of blockchain technology.


The launch of pre-funded Xumm Tangem cards marks a significant stride towards making the XRPL more approachable and user-friendly. Whether you’re considering it as a thoughtful gift or a secure method to manage your XRP assets, the blend of convenience and security these cards offer is unparalleled. Here’s to a more accessible future in cryptocurrency! Starting today, you will be able to order your Xumm Tangem Cards pre-funded with XRP. Perfect for personal use or that next birthday or holiday gift

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