Pornhub Subsidiary Tube8 to Reward Users With Tokens

Pornhub’s subsidiary, Tube8, which is an adult video streaming service, has entered an agreement with Vice Industry Token (VIT) to reward viewers for streaming their videos.

In a report by Hard Fork, the collaboration aims to fully tokenize the Tube8’s platform and enable the streaming service to integrate VIT Tokens to their website and reward viewers for their interaction.  In a note given to Hard Fork by Robin Turner, spokesperson for Tube8, he stated :

“For as long as I can remember, getting paid to watch porn was always a pipedream; one that was always dreamed about, but never fully realized,”

Implementation of this token is expected to commence by the end of this year.  The stance will make Tube8 the very first adult platform to tokenize rewards and even pay their users for using the service.

However, scale is one of the challenges faced by Tube8 in tokenizing its platform. With more than 10 million user base and more than 150 million visits every month, Ethereum can only handle 15 transactions per second – way below than what Tube8 need to reward its users.

As VIT shares the same limitation as that of Ethereum, the only way for Tube8 to tokenize without the whole blockchain being clogged is to give up on decentralization and run the integration through a centralized server. Tube8 also suggested that VIT has already transitioned from Ethereum to Graphen.

Tube8 is not the only adult entertainment company that is planning to utilize tokens to reward their users. Earlier this year, Playboy TV also announced plans to introduce a tokenized reward system using VIT. However, its implementation did not go through which ended up Playboy TV suing Global Blockchain Technologies (BLOC), responsible for the botched plan

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