Pornhub PumaPay payments to simplify recurring subscriptions

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By adding Pornhub PumaPay payments, the pornographic website aims to simplify its recurring subscription model. Even though virtual currency payments constitute a small portion of annual Pornhub, the trend is fast catching up. So when Pornhub PumaPay payments are announced, the brand looks set to tap into the upcoming payment model opportunities.

Cryptocurrency payments and adult websites have become friends. For years, adult entertainment websites have been subjected to unreasonable regulations as they are often marked as ‘high-risk’ merchants. No wonder conventional payment processors charged high fees from their subscribers. So, it was natural for the users to resort to discrete cryptocurrency payments that not only promises privacy but also security and low fee. With a massive audience, Pornhub PumaPay payments will be a hit among the website’s users.

Pornhub PumaPay payments cater to crypto holders

Pornhub receives 100 million visitors every day from across the globe. Cryptocurrency payments constitute approximately one percent of the total revenue. However, Pornhub PumaPay payments aim to change this using their PullProtocol. The technology allows seamless recurring payments, especially for the on-demand services.

Vice president of Pornhub, Corey Price, says that Pornhub PumaPay payments are the latest addition to their subscription model. The firm wants to offer more security and privacy to its users. As adult industry’s crypto adoption increases gradually, Pornhub definitely wants to cater to the crypto owners.

How Pull Payments deliver security and privacy

The Chief executive officer of PumaPay, Yoav Dror, said that ‘PullProtocol’ is unique when it comes to processing blockchain transactions. The mechanics are deployed in an inverse manner. Here, the funds are pulled from the customer’s wallet instead of being pushed by the user towards the merchant. Pre-approved terms define the payment ‘pull’ terms

The PullProtocol is ideal for certain billing models including recurring payments, monthly payments, and account top-ups. Since the merchant is the initiator in these blockchain transactions, the processing charges are borne by the merchant and not the user. Merchants receive the payments in PumaPay (PMA) tokens. Users can buy PMA tokens directly from exchanges and use them to complete Pornhub PumaPay payments. PumaPay PullPayment Protocol is currently used by many other adult entertainment brands including Mofos, RedTube, YouPorn and more.

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