Pompliano predicts that Bitcoin will protect the wealth created by AI

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  • Anthony Pompliano predicts that AI will generate significant wealth in the next decade, with Bitcoin playing an important role.
  • Bitcoin miners are branching out into AI to generate more revenue as Bitcoin rewards have taken a hit.
  • Despite the potential of AI, the high costs of setup can create challenges for Bitcoin miners.

Bitcoin miners are increasingly foraying into businesses that could utilize their existing mining infrastructure, generate more revenue streams, and reduce dependency on Bitcoin price.

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While diversification is a good idea, AI infrastructure can be particularly expensive due to its advanced technological needs. Miners’ profitability can take a hit with the massive capital outlay when Bitcoin price weakness and April halving have already created a double whammy for the players.

Bitcoin will safeguard the wealth generated by AI

In a recent interview with CNBC, Anthony Pompliano, a crypto influencer and founder of Pomp Investments, predicted the future trend of Bitcoin and AI. He believes that Bitcoin volatility emerges in a bull run as investors book profits in a rally. Citing the current market weakness, Pompliano opined that the volatility levels are within the expected range.

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Meanwhile, AI continues to be the focus of the digital sector. As per Pompliano, AI will generate wealth in the next decade with Bitcoin safeguarding it.

He noted, “We’re going into this automated world where AI is going to create enormous amounts of wealth, and Bitcoin is going to protect that wealth. And so when you start to see these technologies coming together, an easy way to see that intersection is, what money are the machines going to use?”

That said, Bitcoin miners may or may not be very lucky by combining the two digital categories. According to a previous report, a decline in BTC mining profitability after the April halving has led to miners finding alternative revenue streams. AI has been the most sought-after sector for businesses.

Core Scientific signed a 12-year deal with cloud provider CoreWeave with the expectation of over $3.5 million in revenue. As a result, the mining company’s shares reportedly surged. Nvidia-backed CoreWeave was the next in line to incorporate AI business. CNBC cited Needham analysts who explained that AI setups are far more expensive than mining farms.

Considering AI requires High-performance computing (HPC) data centers, rack spaces in energy-abundant areas that can accommodate this infrastructure have risen in value. As firms will see returns up over time, the capital expenditure has been weighing at the start of the operations.

Based on the report, mining firms like Bit Digital managed to derive 27% of their revenue from AI. In addition, Hut 8 and Hive generated 6% and 4% of their sales from AI, respectively. On June 24, Hut 8 announced that it is building an AI platform and aims to grow its data center portfolio.

Bitcoin mining profitability has reduced

Bitcoin mining profitability took a hit in April 2024. BitInfoChart data provide that from 0.175 USD/Day for 1 THash/s on April 20, it has reduced to 0.043 at press time.

Bitcoin mining profitability | Source: BitInfoCharts
Bitcoin mining profitability | Source: BitInfoCharts

According to Darren Franceschini, co-founder of Fideum (previously Blockbank), the reduction of mining rewards in half directly impacts income while operational costs like electricity and hardware maintenance remain constant or may even rise.

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Franceschini notes, “I anticipate that the hash rate will continue to rise, potentially pressuring smaller miners to significantly expand their operations or risk being squeezed out of the market. The larger entities in the sector are well aware of the halving’s implications and are prepared to scale up their facilities accordingly. It still puzzles me how new mining companies entering the market can expect to achieve profitability, given the stark economic realities. I would  foresee that many of these nascent projects seeking funding to establish operations will increasingly be viewed as non-viable investments, thereby solidifying the market position of existing players.”

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin hash rate stands at 611.4 Ehash/s, a rise of almost 23% over 24 hours.

Cryptopolitan reporting by Shraddha Sharma

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