Polygon Introduces Amoy: A New Era in PoS Testnetet environments

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  • Polygon has launched Amoy, a new Proof of Stake (PoS) testnet based on Sepolia, providing developers with essential tools like basic validators, infrastructure, and a faucet for testing applications in a PoS environment.
  • The introduction of Amoy offers a strategic alternative for developers with the impending deprecation of Ethereum’s Goerli testnet in early 2024, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in development within the Polygon ecosystem.

Polygon, a key player in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain, has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of its new Proof of Stake (PoS) testnet named Amoy. The testnet, which is based on Sepolia, represents a crucial development in the company’s journey toward enhancing its blockchain infrastructure. The launch of Amoy has been met with great anticipation and interest from the crypto community, signaling a new phase in blockchain development and testing.

Amoy testnet comes equipped with a range of essential tools, including basic validators, comprehensive infrastructure, and a faucet. These tools are integral for developers who wish to deploy and test their applications in a simulated environment that closely mirrors the real-world conditions of the Polygon network. The environment allows for rigorous testing and fine-tuning of applications, ensuring they are robust and efficient before being launched on the main network.

The significance of Amoy is further highlighted by its timing. With the company’s existing Mumbai test network relying on Ethereum’s Goerli testnet, the news of Goerli’s deprecation in the first quarter of 2024 posed a potential challenge for developers. The introduction of Amoy is a strategic response to the impending change, offering a stable and reliable alternative for testing and development within the Polygon ecosystem.

Polygon transitioning from Goerli: A smooth shift for developers

The deprecation of Ethereum’s Goerli testnet is a major event in the blockchain space, with implications for a multitude of projects and developers. Polygon’s decision to launch Amoy is a proactive measure to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for its user base. The new testnet is designed to provide a seamless experience for developers, enabling them to continue their work without interruption or significant adjustments.

The transition is crucial for maintaining the continuity of development processes and innovation within the Polygon network. It ensures that the momentum of projects and the evolution of new applications remain uninterrupted. By providing a new testing ground, Polygon is not only safeguarding its own ecosystem but also contributing positively to the broader blockchain community. The move demonstrates Polygon’s foresight in anticipating and adapting to changes within the blockchain environment, reinforcing its position as a forward-thinking and developer-friendly platform.

Amoy: Empowering innovation and advancing blockchain technology

The introduction of the Amoy testnet goes beyond just offering an alternative to Goerli. It represents Polygon’s commitment to nurturing and supporting blockchain technology’s growth. By providing developers with a robust and advanced testing environment, Polygon is facilitating the development of high-quality decentralized applications. The support is crucial for the advancement of blockchain technology and its adoption across various industries.

The Amoy testnet is set to become a cornerstone in the blockchain development process, offering developers a range of benefits and features that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. The tools and infrastructure provided by Amoy are designed to meet the diverse needs of the development community, catering to both seasoned blockchain professionals and newcomers to the field.


Polygon’s launch of the Amoy PoS testnet marks a significant milestone in the blockchain industry. It not only provides a valuable resource for developers in the wake of Goerli’s deprecation but also underscores Polygon’s dedication to fostering innovation and supporting the blockchain ecosystem. The introduction of Amoy is a testament to Polygon’s role as a key enabler in the world of decentralized technology, paving the way for a future where blockchain applications are more robust, efficient, and widely adopted.

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