End of an Era: Pokemon TV App Officially Shut Down


  • Pokemon TV app shut down, ending free streaming of Pokemon anime episodes.
  • Fans are frustrated as episodes are scattered across multiple streaming platforms.
  • Closure complicates the viewing experience amid the recent protagonist change in Pokemon Horizons.

In a significant development for Pokemon enthusiasts, The Pokemon Company has officially ceased operations of its Pokemon TV app, marking the end of an era for fans of the iconic anime series. The decision to sunset the app, which provided a free platform for streaming episodes spanning over 25 years of Pokemon history, has left many fans seeking alternative means to indulge in their favorite monster-catching adventures.

Closure of the Pokemon TV app

After years of providing fans with access to episodes ranging from the inaugural “The Beginning” series to the latest adventures, The Pokemon Company announced the cessation of its Pokemon TV app earlier this year. Following this announcement, the app was formally shut down and removed from the Switch and mobile app stores. While the company has not disclosed specific reasons for the shutdown, speculation among fans initially centered on the possibility of a successor service being in the works. However, no official confirmation regarding such plans has been provided.

The closure of the Pokemon TV app further complicates the already intricate streaming landscape for the franchise. Unlike other series conveniently available on a single streaming platform, Pokemon’s episodes are scattered across various services such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and more. 

This fragmented distribution model has drawn criticism from fans, who are now compelled to subscribe to multiple platforms to access different anime seasons. The absence of a centralized streaming solution has exacerbated this frustration, leaving fans navigating through a maze of options to enjoy the entirety of the Pokemon saga.

Impact on the viewing experience

The termination of the Pokemon TV app comes at a pivotal moment for the anime series, following a significant shift in its storyline. Last year, the introduction of Pokemon Horizons marked a historic departure from the longstanding protagonist, Ash Ketchum, and his loyal companion, Pikachu. Instead, viewers were introduced to Liko and Roy, who embarked on adventures through the Paldea region. With the shutdown of Pokemon TV, fans now face additional hurdles in accessing and enjoying the evolving narrative of the franchise.

As fans bid farewell to the Pokemon TV app, the closure serves as a poignant reminder of the dynamic nature of the entertainment industry. While the decision may have left some disheartened, it also paves the way for potential innovations and enhancements in Pokemon content delivery. 

As the franchise continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the journey to catch ’em all persists, albeit through alternative avenues. Whether a new streaming service emerges to fill the void left by Pokemon TV remains to be seen. Still, one thing remains certain: the spirit of adventure embodied by Pokemon transcends any platform or medium, ensuring its enduring appeal for generations to come.

In the wake of the Pokemon TV app’s shutdown, fans are encouraged to explore alternative streaming options and stay tuned for updates from The Pokemon Company regarding future developments in digital content distribution.

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