Pokemon Fan Artist Transforms Wingull and Pelipper into Humans


  • Pokemon fan artist endifi transforms Wingull and Pelipper into human characters with creativity and detail.
  • The unique artwork reimagines Wingull as a girl and Pelipper as a man while preserving their Pokemon essence.
  • Endifi’s ongoing project humanizes more Pokemon, staying true to their characteristics in an anime-inspired style.

In the vibrant world of Pokemon fan art, creativity knows no bounds, and one Reddit user, known as endifi, has captivated the Pokemon community with their unique take on the popular avian Pokemon, Wingull and Pelipper. These Flying-Type creatures, first introduced in the third generation of the franchise, have been reimagined as human characters in a captivating piece of artwork.

The transformation of Wingull and Pelipper

Wingull and Pelipper, familiar sights to Pokemon fans, have been transformed into a young girl and an adult man, respectively, in endifi’s artwork. According to the artist, these two human characters share a familial bond as father and daughter. Adapting Pelipper’s distinctive features proved to be a creative challenge, primarily its massive beak. However, endifi ingeniously overcame this hurdle by rendering Pelipper’s beak a giant golden fan in its human form.

The transformation of Wingull and Pelipper into human counterparts is a testament to the artist’s skill and attention to detail. Many of the distinctive traits of these Pokemon have been seamlessly incorporated into their human forms, including their clothing, hair, and accessories. This creative endeavor by endifi has garnered praise from Pokemon enthusiasts who appreciate the elegant and imaginative reimagining of these two beloved pocket monsters.

One fan remarked that the artwork exudes elegance and is a beautiful reinterpretation of Wingull and Pelipper. Another fan, who holds Pelipper as their favorite Pokemon, expressed their admiration for endifi’s interpretation of the creature. Curious about the artistic process, a fan inquired about the software used by endifi, who revealed that Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai were instrumental in bringing these humanized critters to life.

A glimpse into endifi’s ongoing project

Wingull and Pelipper are not the only Pokemon to receive the human transformation treatment from endifi. As part of an ongoing project, this talented artist has embarked on the ambitious endeavor of converting numerous other Pokemon into human forms. With dedication and a keen eye for maintaining the essence of each Pokemon, endifi has already tackled the Kanto and Johto Pokedexes.

What sets endifi’s work apart is their ability to preserve the defining characteristics of each Pokemon while seamlessly incorporating them into their human renditions. From clothing choices to hairstyles and accessories, every element contributes to capturing the spirit of these creatures in their humanized forms. As endifi continues their journey through the Pokedex, fans eagerly anticipate seeing more beloved Pokemon reimagined in this unique and creative style.

A promising future for Pokemon fan art

While the road ahead may be long, endifi has undeniably made a remarkable start in its mission to humanize the entire Pokemon world. Fans of the Pokemon RPG series have reason to keep a close eye on this artist’s progress as they navigate through the vast array of pocket monsters. The blend of creativity, artistic talent, and a distinct anime-like style has already earned endifi a dedicated following within the Pokemon community.

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