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As the holiday season approaches, many are making plans to gather with friends and loved ones to celebrate. In the Pokémon world, Friendsgiving would undoubtedly be a fantastic occasion to bring together talented trainers for a festive gathering. This article presents a list of the top 10 Pokémon trainers who would be ideal guests for a Friendsgiving party, highlighting their unique qualities and what they can bring to the table.

Before delving into the top 10 trainers, let’s acknowledge some honorable mentions who, while deserving of an invitation, come with their quirks and uncertainties. Silver, known for his standoffish demeanor, might be a challenge to engage but could benefit from a Friendsgiving celebration. Larry, despite his work commitments, would appreciate good food and pleasant company. Roxie, with her musical background, could add a spark of energy to the party, although her attendance remains uncertain.

The top 10 trainers for Friendsgiving

Cynthia (Rank 10)

Cynthia, the formidable Sinnoh Champion and archeologist, brings a wealth of stories to the Friendsgiving table. Her presence might instill awe in some guests, but her fascinating tales make up for it. Unfortunately, hosting her means missing out on an invitation to her luxurious villa in Undella Town.

Katy (Rank 9)

Katy, the owner of Patisserie Soapberry, is a dual-threat at Friendsgiving. Not only can she grace the party with her delightful company, but her culinary skills promise to elevate the feast with scrumptious baked goods and desserts. An invitation to Katy’s presence is sure to sweeten any gathering.

Hau (Rank 8)

A Friendsgiving gathering often benefits from a balanced mix of personalities. Hau’s laid-back demeanor offers a perfect contrast to high-energy friends. He brings a chill vibe to the party and may even surprise with delicious malasadas, making him a welcome addition to any gathering.

Wally (Rank 7)

Wally, hailing from Hoenn, may not be the strongest Trainer, but his adventures have taken him far and wide. Friendsgiving is an opportunity for him to break out of his comfort zone and share his exciting stories. His presence would surely add a layer of warmth and camaraderie to the event.

Viola (Rank 6)

Preserving memories of Friendsgiving is essential, and Viola, with her photography skills, is the perfect person for the job. While engaging in conversations about her art projects, she’ll capture the essence of the celebration, ensuring that the event lives on through her fantastic photographs.

Raihan (Rank 5)

For an injection of high energy and enthusiasm, Raihan is the go-to choice for Friendsgiving. As a Gym Leader and Champion Leon’s rival, he has exciting tales to share. His outgoing nature ensures that no guest feels left out, making him an excellent addition to any gathering.

N (Rank 4)

Spending Thanksgiving with Ghetsis would be a dire situation, but inviting N to Friendsgiving promises a more interesting event. With his ability to communicate with Pokémon, N instantly adds intrigue to the party. His childhood stories of living among Pokémon and his global travels post-Team Plasma disbandment make for engaging conversation topics, as long as Team Plasma itself is avoided.

Giacomo (Rank 3)

When it comes to setting the mood at Friendsgiving, Giacomo is the master. Responsible for Team Star’s electrifying tracks, he ensures that the playlist is nothing short of epic. While he might bring along the rest of Team Star, prepare for a party that rocks like no other.

Siebold (Rank 2)

Culinary excellence is a hallmark of Friendsgiving, and Siebold, a world-class chef and Kalos’s Elite Four member, guarantees an exceptional dining experience. His dishes are unparalleled, and his presence as a conversation partner adds depth to the event. While he can be serious at times, the upgraded menu is well worth it.

Arven (Rank 1)

The ultimate Friendsgiving guest is Arven, a Pokémon Trainer who tragically lacks family to spend Thanksgiving with. His cooking and sandwich-making skills ensure that the party is well-fed and satisfied. Although he may take some time to warm up to others, the context of Friendsgiving brings out his energetic and outgoing self, spreading joy throughout the celebration.

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